The Click About It Worldwide Photography Competition

Click About It World Photography Competition

CLICK ABOUT IT is a series of international photography competitions organized by the European Journalism Centre (EJC) in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Since its launch in 2010, the competition has featured inspiring and insightful photography from professional and amateur photographers across the world.

The CLICK series aims to create a mosaic of images from all corners of the globe to showcase how local communities and people are striving to survive in the ever-changing society.

The theme of this year’s competition – CLICK4 – is “Crises & Disasters”.

The current CLICK competition is looking for photos that capture the following:

  • Natural disaster: floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and other life-threatening natural disasters.
  • Political uprising: Arab spring, occupy movements and other demonstrations protesting for change.
  • Conflict: wars, conflicts and clashes at international, regional and local level.
  • Financial crisis: signs of financial crisis and how the life of local communities is being affected.
  • Development crisis: crises that are related to health, food, water, sanitation and education.
  • Urban life: population growth, fast urban development and negative effects on environment.
  • Climate change: signs of climate change in your backyard.


  • Two overall winners (1x professional and 1x amateur) will be selected to go on a theme-related reporting trip organised by European Journalism Centre. The costs covered will include the flights, accommodation and meals during the reporting trip.
  • Five runners-up (3 x professional and 2 x amateur) photographers will receive 200 US dollars Amazon coupon or money transfer in countries which are not listed on this page.

Apply Now for the Click About It World Photography Competition
Deadline for the competition submission: 29 October, 2012
Selection period: 30 October – 22 November, 2012
Winners announcement: 23 November, 2012



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