The Coalition for Digital Equality (CODE) Digital Equality Awards 2021


Application Deadline: Jume 27th 2021

The Coalition for Digital Equality (CODE) Digital Equality Awards aim to recognise the achievements of individuals in Ghana and Uganda who are working to push the boundaries of digital inclusion and transformation in Africa. The awards look to acknowledge individuals who are enabling digital skills, innovation and knowledge to improve the lives of African women, youth, marginalised groups and communities


Nominations must be completed online in English and submitted before the 27th June 2021. The judges will review and assess the nominations in accordance with the set criteria and select the winners for each category in both countries. 


Demonstrable experience leading and creating impact within and outside their organisation, a thought leader and role model who is paving the way for others to create change.


Contribution towards the inclusion of women within the digital economy in their community. Demonstrated for example through projects initiated and implemented, number of people impacted, scale or reach of their programmes/solutions/findings as well as any significant milestones achieved.


Demonstrated experience in delivering work in innovative ways and employing unique or new approaches to solving a problem..

Social Impact

Demonstrable positive impact on the lives of women, young people and marginalised groups and the community as a whole.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the CODE Digital Equality Awards 2021



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