The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute invites proposals from people who have innovative ideas to improve the practice or understanding of journalism. Because of the current acute financial challenges to supporting quality journalism, we are particularly interested this year in ideas on how to connect citizens with news and advertising more efficiently, to grow revenues, to engage communities or to ensure that the industry is taking full advantage of new and emerging technologies.

To help turn these ideas into useful new tools, strategies, products or services, the RJI offers an annual fellowship program that gives individuals an opportunity to help nurture and grow innovative ideas — to build their expertise and the public’s knowledge in these areas.

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute inviting applications from individuals, inside and outside the media industries, who want to spend the next school year working with us developing new knowledge and new possibilities to enhance journalism practice. We generally select between four and seven fellows each year.

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Consider the opportunity to devote eight months to intense thinking, research and experimentation with a goal of advancing the practice of journalism in important ways. If that opportunity looks inviting,

There are two options:

1. RJI residential Fellow — Designed for persons, inside and outside media industries, who want to pursue solutions to journalism challenges or who have an idea that would explore new opportunities. Residential fellows spend eight months on the Missouri campus, taking advantage of the intellectual and technological resources of RJI and the University and interacting with Missouri faculty and students. Some examples include: Access to programmers and app developers, financial support to conduct market research, and hiring students to produce multi-media content.

Solutions, in the form of strategies, products or services, developed from these ideas would be shared with many news and news-related organizations. You must reside in Columbia for the duration of this fellowship.

WHO: Anyone over the age of 18.
WHEN: September 1, 2013.
HOW LONG: Eight months (two academic semesters).
HOW MUCH: Fellows receive a $10,000 monthly stipend, plus a one-time $10,000 housing allowance.
DEADLINE: Consideration of applications will begin February 15, 2013 (visit Fellowship FAQs for details).

2. RJI Non-residential Fellow — Designed for employees of a news, technology or related company who have ideas they can develop while continuing in their jobs. You must have permission from your company to join us. Your idea should also provide a direct benefit to your company and have a clear path to implementation. In addition, successful ideas, products or strategies should serve as a model for the industry. You do not need to live in Columbia, Mo., but will need to make occasional visits to consult with RJI leadership and staff.

WHO: Anyone currently working for a media, technology or related company.
WHEN: September 1, 2013.
HOW LONG: Eight months (two academic semesters).
HOW MUCH: Fellows receive a $20,000 stipend for the year, plus research and travel support.
DEADLINE: Consideration of applications will begin February 15, 2013 (visit Fellowship FAQs for details).

How to apply

It’s easy. In a Word document, answer the four questions below and give us some contact and other personal info. Send the document with a short cover e-mail to Roger Gafke, RJI’s selection committee chairman, at [email protected]. Your proposal will be judged by its potential for broad impact on the understanding and practice of journalism.

If you want more information, please visit

The questions: (each answer should be 250 words or less)

  1. Are you interested in a residential or non-residential fellowship?
  2. Describe the idea you would like to pursue.
  3. Outline some of the key issues you would need to tackle to bring your idea to fruition.
  4. Tell us what a successful outcome of your fellowship would be.

In addition, please include the following information at the top of your document:

Employer and/or related work experience:


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