Call for Proposals: 2016 African Women’s Development Fund for Empowerment of African Women ( $UD5,000 to $USD 30.000).

Application Deadline: 11th September 2015. 

The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) is a grant making foundation that supports local, national and regional organizations working towards the empowerment of African women and the achievement of gender equality on the continent.
 The vision of AWDF is for women to live in a world where there is social justice, equality and respect for women’s human rights. To this end, the mission of AWDF is to mobilize and disburse financial, human and material resources to support positive transformation in Africa.
The AWDF is inviting applicants working on specified areas to put in applications for support. Applicants are to send in proposals with innovative but effective strategies to address issues relating to the specified focus areas under the various listed themes: 

To achieve its vision and mission, the African Women’s Development Fund provides grant and technical support to women’s groups and organizations in Africa working on issues in line with the following themes:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant Organisation must have been in existence for at least 3 years
  • The organisation must be duly registered, at least with its local government structure
  • The organisation must be led by a woman and have a focus on Women’s Rights
  • The organisation must have the needed organizational structures
  • The organisation must have an appreciable financial management system
  • The organisation must be capable of reporting back on the outcomes of the project
  • The organisation must be highly recommended by a donor agency, a grantee or partner of AWDF or the local government office
  • The applying organisation must complete the necessary application forms

Grant Size :

  • Grants disbursed will be in the range of $5,000 to $30.000.

Geographical Scope

  • Applications from the following countries are specifically encouraged to apply;
  • Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia & Zimbabwe
How to apply

Interested organisations should send in their proposals to the AWDF secretariat in Accra, Ghana, using the required grant applications guidelines which include a financial management assessment form and an outcome form:

Application guidelines- Main grants


Framework for Measuring Outcomes

The African Women’s Development Fund

Office: Plot 78 Ambassadorial Enclave, East Legon

Post:   P.M.B CT 89 Cantonments, Accra, Ghana

Email:    [email protected];    [email protected]

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the African Women’s Development Fund




  1. hoping to working with you in Future. I am a volunteer at YOLADO- YOUNG LADIES ORGANISATION based in Kenya. YOLADO is a private Non-governmental organisation based in Sega; township in Siaya county located in the western region of Kenya. it was instituted in 2010 by agroup of Indegenous women who had gone through a variety of social problems in their lives, their lives with their partners, their children and society in general. those social problems included drug abuse, prostitution, gender based violence, proverty and a lack of proper education.
    kindly update us through when their is the next call for proposals.
    regards, Effie. program officer, YOLADO.

  2. Am communicating from Kenya, am an elected leader representing a ward ( member of the county assembly ) Bungoma.
    Assisting women play a role in the society and ending women quarrels,fighting, empowerment is my great desire.
    Using my position, I have mobilised them to register groups and funded them on small scale.
    Kindly consider working with us.

  3. Comment:I am Willie Bucknor am communicating form Sierra Leone a very poor country that women are highly marginalized and affected in terms of development and empowerment, and now we are the world worst registered maternal mortality rate because of the attention and support women lack in this part of the world. Currently I am the deputy Director of campaign for Gender and Youth empowerment-Sierra Leone an organization that was formed by women in this country and the executive Director is a woman, head of finance is a woman, admin is a women and number of our research team are women. Please we are kindly looking up to you for partnership. Please come to our aid in order for us to change the lives of women in Sierra Leone. Our email is [email protected].

  4. I’m a program coordinator from Young Women Leadership (YWY),it is community based organization. That was established in 2012 with a registration number SMC/0243, the aim of establishing this CBO is to fight against children, women and youth abuse through the provision of education about causes, effects and how to get rid abuse in the society. Now we are working with ICS Tanzania and firelight after receiving capacity building program we expect to implement the project of Reproductive Health and Sexual rights for 15 secondary school and 5 colleges. Please we would like work with you also for upcoming projects and if you will conduct any training for community based organization consider with us because we need more skills and knowledge in administration,finance and public relation.Due to the reason that founder of this CBO are local girls with no education.

  5. I am Chizoba toyin kabba the ceo Rann Atlantic and the principal and coordinator of Dells kill acquisition. My husband is a research and development engineer. He is involved in manufacturing, and training people who want to be manufactures of various products in Nigeria of which Most of his clients are man.
    Having worked with him for years, I have acquired some knowledge, skills and ability to train and manage people. Today I am running a skill acquisition programme in Nigeria, of which i am the principal and coordinator. Dellskill Acquisition trian over 200 people every month in various fields of business. Mostly women. Our empowerment program includes
    1, Fashion designing and dress making
    2″ Baking and snacks
    3, Bead and gele
    4″ Make ups
    5″ Shoes and bags
    6, Event and decorations and management.
    7″ soap and beauty products making.
    8″ Enterprenuership Etc
    A month training is enough to build an Enterprenuer. We need financial support for our operations. To support ourselves and our graduates. We have trained more than 5000 students, in one year. The impact is hindered by lack of funds. The students lack funding for school and to start business after skill acquisition. Please we need support.

  6. Hi, i am Isata Turay and the program coordinator for an organisation call children and youth advocacy network(CYMAN) for short. we are in Sierra Leone west Africa, our priorities are to children,women and youth empowerment. As i read from the UN report recently its shows that we have the highest maternal and mortality rate and also our women are seriously marginalize when he comes to taken part in decision making and also girls face serious and numerous challenges during their school days and as a result we have less women participation in the societal development because they are not well opportune to learn as they are supposed to.
    we have some advocacy training workshop for women which really create an impact in that particular community, we also do radio programs which help them to brings out their views .
    we would really want your organization to support us in attaining our goals and vision to women and children as the are the nation and community builder.
    Here is our e-mail [email protected] or [email protected]
    Thanks for taken time in reading this mail

  7. I am McAnthony Gyeto Sherman, the Executive Director of Redeeming Children Future; a non-Political organization whose quest is to identify with youth/Children, mainly girls who want to forward their Education but have no means.
    While it’s true that i am a man, but I do believe that when women are given equally opportunities as men, the world would change, therefore, we Primarly focus on Women activities, especially, the high level of Teenage Pregnancy in my Community, West Point, Liberia, Monrovia

  8. Hie

    This is Development Concept a local NGO from Malawi working in empowering women through livelihood activities. Indeed empowering women is the only solution for better development in the community. However, Do African Women Development Fund Team still receiving project proposals? I will be happy to see response through my email address below

  9. Hie. Im not sure if my comment did go through. I’m Enisia Mashusha the Artistic Director of Mambokadzi meaning « Queen » based on Harare Zimbabwe. We are a Theatre ensemble that disseminates info that affects young girls and women through art. « Early child marriage/rape/women abuse..are the proposals still coming through if so when is the deadline. I would be happy to receive a response through my email. [email protected] thank you.

  10. I am Hadija Adams a volunteer with the National association of Women Organizations in Uganda(NAWOU). I love sourcing for opportunity for the organization on different platforms. We are un umbrella women organization for women in Uganda, we work in areas like economic empowerment, peace and security among others. We work directly with women groups in rural areas through skill development for example value addition , capacity building in leadership and governance. For any opportunity we shall be pleased to enhance the capacity of the women we work with

  11. please this is a wonder program for the developing countries so AFRICAN ORPHANAGE ORGANIZATION wishes to Impliment your activities to such the Beneficaries because in north part of Uganda there has been a lot of Lord Resitance army which has made people homeless and lost of properties for the lives supporting

  12. Good day
    I am Abiola Johnson President of Women Of Prayer And Praise foundation based in Abuja Nigeria.Our foundation has been in existence since 8yrs ago.We care for the widows, needys, less privileged and orphans. We also have a vocational training centre where all women CME to learn various skills to empower them free eg catering. Soap making, fashion designing. Beads making. Bags making,local clothes (adore)and many more to mention a few.We have chapters around Abuja metropolis and our headquarter is where the vocational centre is located. We have various departments headed by women and we use the time to pray for the peace of our nation. It is a denominational fellowship. We would love to be in partnership with you and all the information should be directed to the President.

  13. My name is Ugwu Chinemerem Juliet a 24yr old girl and the Co founder of Waste on Wheels (WOW) collections a scheme I started together with my father Mr Jacob Ugwu in his non profit organization Center for Total Sanitation Resources and other team of experts with likely passion in the suburb city of Enugu, Nigeria. I have a passion for reduction of ; —*flooding
    *increased mortality in children less than 5 yrs due feaco oral diseases, *other deadly diseases like lassa Fever, malaria ravaging Nigeria, *empowerment of women and youths through job creation,
    *expanding their small business through our advert, benefits for there waste and skills acquisition.
    But we are so limited by funds so that my dream for a Better Nigeria will be achieved. Pls support us through partnership and early information to summit our proposals. Thanks for being there for AFRICAN WOMEN Regards. Ugwu Chinemerem Juliet. Email: [email protected]. Tel:08131684182.

  14. Hi The AWDF team,
    i take this opportunity to commend you for the good work you are doing with African women. Women were always meant to be in the kitchen and follow instructions from their husbands/men however uncouth they would be. Using this platform a lot of women have the voice to say no to what they deem not right.
    I am a programme manager at Kisumu Smart Women Against violence and HIV/AIDS. After realising that women are the main target in gender issues we decided to form a network in Kisumu that advocates for the rights of women especially sex workers owing to it that they are faced with violence due to the kind of work we do.
    in HIV sex workers are rated the highest due to the vulnerability state they face each day. knew about this organization from Women Concerns center and hope of working with you as a grantee or an activist/feminist leader. my email [email protected] or [email protected]
    keep up with the good work of empowering women for( when a woman is empowered, the whole community is empowered) facebook page KISWA GROUP 2030
    Kindest regards
    Joyce Oluoch

  15. Hello AWDF Team,
    You are doing a great job for women in Africa. My organization Windows and Orphans Welfare Society of Kenya has been in existence for over 15 year dealing with issue of women empowerment and rehabilitation of orphans, women issues on livelihoods, economic empowerment programmes, women’s right to property, curbing of HIV & AIDS and so on. I would like to know if you can support my organization which is based in Kenya in this journey. Please write to me through email [email protected] and copy email [email protected].
    Thank you & Best Regards
    Rev. Hilda Orimba

  16. Gender Empowerment for Sudan Organization (GESO) was formed in 2003 by South Sudanese intellectuals with an aim to engender Peace building and reconciliation, health particularly reproductive health livelihood for income generation because the war severely affect people live and more critically on women, children and elderly.
    I have come to see your call for proposal whose deadline is already pass but wishing you consider us and allow GESO project proposal on income generation is sent to you.

  17. I am so interested in Women Empowerment . I have trained so many young women and youths on various Vocational skills. Recently I have thought of started an NGO to actualise my dream of helping fellow Women.
    I am A trained British Nurse and I also have a BSc Degree in Human Nutrition.

  18. I am Tushabomwe Donatus from western Uganda being appointed to coordinate women .I am very much interested to support our women in our communities who formed Nyakabungo women’s association after their most husbands had left them alone in families for many years going out to work for the rich people because of poverty.I have been working with NGO for the past seven years I call for your urgent intervention to save the lives of our women and children in collaborating with you

  19. I am very much concerned with human dignity to exercise her/his energies to the development of families,communities as part of our development of life and mission.We promise you our positive and full dedication to fulfill the objectives that will be agree up.

  20. I am Constance Nkonyu, I founded Constance Women Enhancement Program in 2010 to combat the high level of women rights abuse in this part of Cross River state.
    with my women, we are stocked up in the mist of traditional mountains that promotes these abuses. so, we want to partner with you so to get the women in this part of Nigeria free from these clutches.


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