The Youth Employment Network free E-Coaching programme for young entrepreneurs

Deadline: December 2nd 2013
The Youth Employment Network (YEN), an inter-agency programme of the UN, the ILO and the World Bank, offers a free E-Coaching programme for young entrepreneurs (16-35) who have recently started or are in the process of starting a business. Trained E-Coaches provide guidance (in Spanish, English, or French) to young entrepreneurs over a period of 3 to 12 months.
Many young people across Africa, the Americas, the Arab States, Asia and the Pacific as well as Europe and Central Asia have the entrepreneurial zest, ideas and ambition to become successful in business, yet they face specific barriers to do so. Advice to young potential entrepreneurs can be a powerful means of addressing young people’s lack of experience and knowledge.

The YEN Marketplace offers a free E-Coaching programme that matches experienced mentors to young entrepreneurs from around the world.

The programme aims to:

  • Provide entrepreneurs with direct access to business expertise
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing between entrepreneurs
  • Provide substantial personal support to entrepreneurs to supplement their institutional and financial resources

YEN is currently accepting applications from entrepreneurs and potential coaches.

The YEN Marketplace has developed the E-Coaching Programme, an innovative solution that offers a comprehensive online coaching to connect young entrepreneurs in developing and emerging economies with experienced entrepreneurs and professionals.

The application deadline for young entrepreneurs and potential E-Coaches to be considered for the next intake process is on MONDAY, DECEMBER 2 2013.

Interested entrepreneurs and professionals are invited to register as members of the YEN Marketplace :


Please share this information with your network of young entrepreneurs and potential E-Coaches.”


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