Thomson Reuters Foundation/IFAD Reporting Rural Poverty and Agricultural Development Workshop 2019 (Fully Funded to Rome,Italy)


Application Deadline: January 2nd 2019

Dates: 12 February 15 February | Location: Rome, Italy
Programme: Rural Poverty and Agriculture

In order to ensure the daily issues faced by rural poor people and their communities are acknowledged, it is important that their stories are heard and their voices are amplified.

 With funding from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the specialised UN agency, TR will bring together journalists from around the world to attend this workshop aimed to enable journalists to tell the story of rural development.  The aim is to build specific expertise and increase familiarity and knowledge of issues faced by rural communities, help journalists to present new viewpoints, promote discussion and dialogue on how small-scale agriculture can respond to the growing demand for food, and highlight the essential need to support rural transformation and smallholder agriculture.

The workshop will take place during IFAD’s annual Governing Council.  Being at the conference will allow journalists access to high profile delegates, leading experts in the issues, including IFAD and UN technical experts, as well as a number of small holder farmers who will be invited.

IFAD works with those most affected by poverty, food security, gender inequality, environment and climate change.

At this workshop you will be expected to work on and file stories for your own news organisations on the themes and issues presented.


  • Applicants must be full-time journalists or regular contributors to a media organisation.
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate a commitment to a career in journalism in their country, and should have at least two years’ professional experience and have a good level in spoken and written English.


  • Thomson Reuters Foundation, through IFAD funding and support, offers full bursaries for journalists from developing world countries working for established media organisations. Bursaries would include air travel expenses (economy class), accommodation, local transfers and meals.
  • Please note that you need to check visa requirements and ensure you have the necessary documentation required.  The cost of your visa and any other related costs will be the responsibility of the participant. This arrangement is subject to variation.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Reporting Rural Poverty and Agricultural Development Workshop 2019 


  1. Its like most of fully funded workshops are meant for youths does mean that older people have no i dear,
    people have good i dears but they have no information i suggest try to mix so that young men and women can learn from older people.
    LET ME LEAVE A SAYING FOR DIGESTION > IF A NAKED MAN PROMISES A MAN WHO IS FULLY DRESSED A PIECE OF CLOTH >Long time a go there no part rooms peoples used to take part at river banks and then a madman came took the cloths of a man taking part naked started running away then the naked man started running after the madman.WHO IS MAD or WHAT COULD THE SOLUTION FOR THE NAKED MAN.

  2. I am a journalist from Bamako in Mali west africa. It is a great pleasure for me to meet you on the web. My newspaper is Le Phare. It appears in french in the capital of Mali. Your conference interests me and thank very much to come me back…
    My name is Goudia KONATE

  3. Hi mr Konate,
    Thank you so much though it has taken long before i could access your mail also try look somebody translate for english to french, And also try to write direct to my mail we have a lot of things we can exchange.
    You are most welcome incase you have something you want to get to know feel free ask in kenya we welcome Queries and ideas.
    Thank you,
    Francis Nyagaka.

  4. Good day. My name is Eveline Limba. I belong to Cameroon. I am a Sinor Social Welfaire Officer. I am really interested in the seminars but I have noticed that all is about youths. Please try to reconsider the issue of age because I believe many people have great contributions but because of age limit, finds it difficult to participate. Thanks


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