Türkiye Africa Undergraduate Scholarship Program 2013.


The  Türkiye-Africa Undergraduate Scholarship has been developed with the purpose of supporting successful and idealistic students wishing to study at undergraduate level in Türkiye.
Türkiye Scholarships will be allocated regionally. However, the number of scholarships granted to each country will not be decreased below the number of scholarships allocated in the years before, provided that candidates meet success criteria.

What does this scholarship cover?
The Türkiye Scholarships provide the students studying in Türkiye with wide opportunities. With the scholarship granted to you, you can matriculate at a University and utilize the health services of that University without making any payment. In addition, a specific amount of scholarship fee is put into your bank account every month.


This amount will be enough to continue your education and enjoy the social facilities in Türkiye freely. Meanwhile, you are provided with housing opportunities as well. Moreover, this scholarship does cover the Turkish language education provided for you before starting your University program and your round trip flight ticket from your country to Türkiye.

Who can apply?

Candidates applying to Türkiye-Africa Undergraduate Scholarship shall meet the following requirements:

1. Being a citizen of Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina, Faso, Burundi, Algeria, Djibouti, Chad, Ethiopia, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Union of Comoros, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Madagascar, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Central Africa, Senegal, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Cameroon, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mauritius, Mauritania, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Sierra Leona, Swaziland, Togo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Rwanda, Cape Verde and Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe (Anyone holding or ever held Turkish citizenship can not apply to the Scholarship),

2. Those who have graduated or are likely to graduate from secondary school.

3. Those who were born no earlier than 01.01.1991

4. Those who had not or have not been granted an undergraduate scholarship by a Turkish Government institution
5. Students who are currently studying at a University or a vocational college in Türkiye cannot apply for the scholarship.
6. Those who have at least 60 % points from one of the academic criteria specified in the following table..
How can I apply?
You can apply via the web addresses www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr / www.trscholarships.org/ www.turkiyeburslari.org or through the Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye in your country. Candidates intending to apply via the addresses www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr / www.trscholarships.org/ www.turkiyeburslari.org can easily complete their applications through uploading the required documents to the electronic system.


Candidates intending to apply through the Representative Offices of the Republic of Türkiye or via mail can complete their application through submitting the required documents to the relevant representative offices until the end of the day of deadline related to application-making period.
Required Documents
• Application form (provided at the end of this Guide) (Can also be obtained from the Embassies/Consulates or from www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr / www.trscholarships.org/www.turkiyeburslari.org or in the Embassies)
• Copy of high school diploma or document indicating that the candidate is a high school senior student
• Certified high school transcript (indicating courses taken and relevant grades of the candidate)
• Copy of a valid identity card (Passport, Birth Certificate, etc)
• 1 passport photograph


  1. Asallamu Aleikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuhu
    İ’m Somali Student Called Abdirashid
    And My Country (Somalia) İs Not one of the listed Countries
    But Now i live İn Uganda.
    İ’ve Secondry Leaving Certificate with grade 78% And i Born İn 1992 So Please Can i Apply This Scholarship Apportunity from Our Turkish Brothers
    please İ’d like to take part This Apportunity So Answer Me My E-mail that i’ve Written Above
    Thanks İndeed

  2. salam am very happy to hear about diz news insha’Allah i wil aply right away…. Am from nigeria and diz my phone number +23408132501601 tnks alot wassalsm

  3. Am South Sudanese student admitted to University of Bahr el Ghazal, college of Medicine & Health Science, But the University remained closed since it come back home from Khartoum in early 2010, Now i’ve come across your offer & am interesting to apply for, with the same college in my mother University,
    Yours faithfully
    Lam Nyuon Liah

  4. hi, Shadic Emmanuel from south Sudan, what if some one ages are greater by 3 to 4 years can he still be consider for admission

  5. I am interested to study in the Turkey Scholarships an Undergraduate for international (Bachelor’s Scholarship) .I want to apply for the 2013 resumption .Kindly put me through.I have gone through reading and i will be glad to have Admission letter from you.


    SURNAME : Abu-hariiri

    GIVEN NAMES : Abdiladiif Ahmed Essa

    D.O.B : 8/August/1992

    SEX: Female

    NATIONALITY: Somalian

    STATE :Bakaraha

    CITY: Moqdisho

    TEL: +252-63-4454280

    I look forward to hear from you .

  6. am interested to study in the Turkey Scholarships an Undergraduate for international (Bachelor’s Scholarship) .I want to apply for the 2013 resumption .Kindly put me through.I have gone through reading and i will be glad to have Admission letter from you.


    SURNAME :jean lambert

    GIVEN NAMES : sebazungu

    D.O.B : 8/August/1992

    SEX: male



    TEL: +250725969712

    I look forward to hear from you .

    • am interesting to apply for scholarship who you offered to African undergraduate student to Turkey,
      Personal informational:
      Surname: Wal
      Given Names : Lam Nyuon Liah
      Nationality: South Sudanese
      Tel: 0928160004 or 091223062

  7. I am interested to study in the Turkey and to winn Scholarships of master science for international (master Scholarship) .I want to apply for the 2013 resumption .Kindly put me through.I have gone through reading and i will be glad to have Admission letter from you.


    SURNAME : mohamoud

    GIVEN NAMES : sayidali mohamoud osman

    D.O.B : 31/may/1988
    SEX: male

    NATIONALITY: Somalian

    STATE :somaliland

    CITY: hargeisa

    TEL: +252-63-4173947

    thank you/if i win iam appritiating if not iam happy

  8. We[Africans]are not happy with political turmoil taking place in Turkey we are looking forward to seeing that everything goes on well since this is a World of democracy.So pliz brothers,lets follow amicable resolution other than violence to avoid economic downfall and destruction n wish you well n success Recep Tayyip Erdagon[Turkish PM]

    • Hi bro Lam Chuol its been a sad news that the deadline is gone for application so big up for next year’s scholarship and lets pray such as all things go on well inchalah and thans ,Lual Garang D’akech.

  9. name: ahmed said abshir country code: +252
    gender:male tell: +252907214923/+252907829599
    date of birth:1994 email: [email protected]

    am completed my high school as Olevel in 2013_2014
    am living in somalia especialy one of the bigs region as called puntland state of somalia
    although i dont have some one who care me as hole family i hope turkish government could choise me for the one of the select
    am interested to apply for turkish scholarships and my country somalia is not in list of the countries in which among although i apply for my chance and request to select me in the scholarships
    considered as scholarships
    my faithfull
    ahmed said abshir
    thanks alot

  10. Asallamu Aleikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuhu. My name is Kaal Hareer Abdulle. Iam Muslim student, I wanna to apply this Turkiye scholarship if iam lucky to have.I have hight Secondry GPA grade (4)96%.Iam Somalia now i live in Bangaladish (DHAKA). I wanna to get admission as it possible.My Email is [email protected] and my Phone number is +8801627809948.
    I look forward to hear from you.
    Writter:Kaal Hareer Abdulle

  11. assalamualaikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuh.My name is muhammad fauri nasih ulwan,my country is Indonesian,and Iam muslim student,Iwanna to aply to turkiye burslary scholarship if iam lucky have.I have finished from my hight school,and I wanna to get admission as it posible.my Email is [email protected],and my phone number is +85223205475
    I need to hear forward from you
    Writter: Muhammad Fauri Nasih Ulwan

  12. i have been looking for your support since last year but didnot make it scholarship
    iam south sudanes please do me favore for scholarship undergraduate for statistic


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