Virtual Africa Science Buskers Festival 2020 for young Africans

Application Deadline: July 31st 2020

The Africa Science Buskers Festival is a showcase of African youth scientific achievement and innovation, which aims to promote science and technology communication and appreciation, provide a platform for African youth to develop their creativity and scientific mindsets, and facilitate the exchange of scientific ideas, interests and abilities among young scientists.


  • Participants can enter into either of our two categories: Science Communication and Innovation.
  • The Science Communication category is for all presentations that aim to create an understanding or interest on a particular science topic or field.
  • The Innovation category is for all science fair projects.
  • Every science presentation or project is welcome!

Awards and Participation guidelines

There will be two awards categories: Grand Awards and Special Awards. Grand awards will be as follows:

  • First Prize
  • Second Prize
  • Third Prize

Special Awards include the Peoples’ Choice Award and other awards by organisations with an interest in science and technology education promotion.

How to enter

  • If you know a young person, anywhere in the world, who has a passion for science, then encourage them to register it for the Virtual Africa Science Buskers Festival, be it a simple science presentation on any science topic, a science project, or anything else they’ve built with science and technology.
  • To enter, participants simply need to complete our registration form and upload a 2 minute video on the WanaTVplatform.
  • Judging will be based on the submitted documentation.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Virtual Africa Science Buskers Festival 2020


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