2013-2014 UNESCO-Hamdan ($270 000) Prize for Effectiveness of Teachers.


Nomination Deadline: October 31st 2013

The third edition of the UNESCO-Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Prize for Outstanding Practice and Performance in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Teachers has opened the call for nominations.

The prize is awarded every two years and it recognizes initiatives that contribute to improving educational practices around the world, with priority given to developing countries and to marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

The Prize of $270 000 will be divided between three winners.

Who is eligible?
Candidates may be organizations, international or national non-governmental organizations (NGOs), institutions or local, national and regional communities applying for the Prize.
 Applications are not opened to individuals.
How to apply?
Applications may be submitted in two ways:
• A candidate shall ask a nominating body to send its application to UNESCO;
•A nominating body may initiate the process of nominating a candidate and send the application to UNESCO.
A candidate shall be nominated by no more than one nominating body.
Applications must be written either in English or French only.
Unsolicited applications are not taken into consideration.
What is a nominating body?
A nominating body may be Multinationals and Bilateral Organizations, Ministries of Education (or other relevant Ministries), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), organizations or institutions directly involved in, or aware of, outstanding practices concerning teachers. It is the nominating body who sends the applications to UNESCO.
A nominating body may nominate and recommend up to five

candidates for the Prize

Candidates should be organizations, international or national non-governmental organizations (NGOs), institutions or local, national and regional communities who are working to enhance the performance and effectiveness of teachers.

Selection process
1. Applications received before the deadline are reviewed by the Screening panel, who will eliminate non-eligible candidates and transmit them to the International Jury for the Prize.
2. The International Jury meets in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to select the Prize winners.
3. Prizes are awarded to winners during an official ceremony organized at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day (October 2014).
The application must contain:
1.The introductory letter from the nominating body;
2. The letter of nomination written by the candidate (using the downloadable form at the following address:
3.Accompanying supporting materials.  The Prize Guidelines and the template for the letter of nomination can be downloaded from UNESCO’s website:
Applications should be postmarked or sent by email to the Secretariat of the Prize by 31 October 2013 (midnight, Paris time).

Deadline for nomination is October 31, 2013

Letters of nomination (in English or French only) should be sent to the Secretariat by post or email.



Section for Teacher Development and Education Policies

Division for Teacher Development and Higher Education

ATTN: UNESCO-Hamdan Prize

7 place de Fontenoy

F-75352 Paris 07 SP


Email: [email protected]

To submit a nomination, please download the guide (PDF) and the form for the letter of nomination (.DOC).

Further information about the Prize can be found at: www.unesco.org/new/hamdan-prize and http://www.hamdanunesco.ae/

French Version : UNESCO-HAMDAN Prize for Teacher Effectiveness

Appel à candidatures pour le Prix UNESCO-Hamdan 2013-2014

L’appel à candidatures pour la troisième édition du Prix UNESCO-Hamdan Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum récompensant des pratiques et des performances exemplaires pour améliorer l’efficacité des enseignants est lancé.

Le Prix est attribué tous les deux ans et récompense des initiatives qui contribuent à améliorer les pratiques éducatives à travers le monde, en donnant la priorité aux pays en développement, ainsi qu’aux communautés marginalisées ou défavorisées.

Le Prix, d’un montant de 270 000$ des Etats-Unis, est réparti entre trois lauréats.

Les candidats peuvent être des organisations, organisations internationales ou nationales non gouvernementales (ONG), des institutions ou communautés locales, nationales et régionales qui s’emploient à renforcer les performances et l’efficacité des enseignants.

Date limite pour la réception des candidatures : 31 octobre 2013.

Les lettres de nomination (en anglais ou en français uniquement) doivent être envoyées au Secrétariat du Prix par courrier ou email.


Section du Développement des enseignants et des politiques éducatives

Division du Développement des enseignants et de l’enseignement supérieur

ATTN : Prix UNESCO-Hamdan

7 place de Fontenoy

F-75352 Paris 07 SP


Email: [email protected]

Pour préparer un dossier de candidature, merci de télécharger le guide (PDF), ainsi que le formulaire pour la lettre de nomination (.DOC).

Pour plus d’informations sur le Prix, rendez-vous sur : www.unesco.org/new/fr/hamdan-prize ou www.hamdanunesco.ae



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