2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition ($20,000 in Prize Money)

Submission Dedaline: MAY 18, 2014

LAGI 2014 Copenhagen invites designers from around the world to submit their ideas for what infrastructure art of sustainable cities looks like. The call is to envision public art that generates utility-scale clean energy for the City of Copenhagen.

The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) brings together artists, architects, scientists, landscape architects, engineers, and others in a first of its kind collaboration.

The goal of the Land Art Generator Initiative is to see to the design and construction of public art installations that uniquely combine aesthetics with utility-scale clean energy generation. The works will serve to inspire and educate while they provide renewable power to thousands of homes around the world.

The 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative, in partnership with Refshaleøen Holding and our other project partners, calls on artists and designers to submit proposals for a pragmatic art installation for the design site at Refshaleøen, located across the water from the iconic Little Mermaid Statue.

A qualified entry must fulfill the following requirements and be developed to a concept design level of detail.

A qualified entry to the LAGI 2014 design competition must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Consist of a three dimensional sculptural form that has the ability to stimulate and challenge the mind of visitors to the site.
  • Capture energy from nature, convert it into electricity, and have the ability to store, and/or transform and transmit the electrical power to a grid connection point to be designed by others.
  • Not create greenhouse gas emissions and not pollute its surroundings. The work must not impact the natural surroundings negatively.
  • Be pragmatic and constructible and employ technology that can be scalable and tested.
  • Be well informed by a thorough understanding of the history, geography, details of the design site, and the broader contexts of Refshaleøen, Copenhagen, and Denmark;
  • Be safe to people who would view it. Consideration must be made for viewing platform areas and boundaries between public and restricted areas;
  • Be designed specifically to the constraints of the design site at Refshaleøen as shown in the Location Plan (available for download);
  • Designs must not exceed 125 meters in height;
  • Entries must be in English and metric scale.



First Place:
$15,000 (USD) Two members of the first place winning team will be flown to Copenhagen for the award ceremony and exhibition opening. Accommodations and airfare will be provided, but Visas and other travel requirements are the responsibility of the team members.

Second Place:
$5,000 (USD)

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the  Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition



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