Junior Professional Programs for Afro-Descendants

2014 World Bank Junior Professional Programme for Afro-Descendants.

Deadline: Ongoing

A unique opportunity to gain entry-level professional experience, gaining first-hand exposure to the challenges – and rewards – of international development and poverty reduction.

The primary purpose of JPPAD is two-fold and mutually beneficial:

  • To provide young and motivated black individuals who possess outstanding potential a unique career opportunity to gain experience in a global development environment
  • To provide the Bank an opportunity to benefit from the talent, knowledge, and diversity that they can bring to the institution. The program is also designed to strengthen capacity-building efforts in African and Caribbean countries (or any Afro-descendent community around the world).

Participants spend two years in an intensive work program sharing knowledge and acquiring practical, on-the-job skills at one of the world’s leading financial institutions. As a member of the program, you also will receive professional coaching and supportive training that will enhance existing skills. And you will form valuable personal and professional relationships to last a lifetime.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Afro-descent, i.e., Black of sub-Saharan African ancestry
  • Age 35 or younger with at least 5+ years of relevant work experience
  • Excellent academic record with a minimum Master’s degree in a discipline relevant to the global development field
  • Proficiency in English plus at least one other working language of the Bank – Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish
  • Demonstrated commitment to development
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct analytical work; to exercise good judgment; to succeed in a team environment; and to work with diverse clients and staff

Note: Candidates who previously have had a staff position (fixed-term or open-ended, in Washington or in a country office) in the World Bank Group are not eligible to apply.

How do I Apply

Interested candidates must apply online. Only those identified for an assignment will be contacted to discuss their interest and availability. Candidates are selected by a panel on a highly competitive basis.


Non-renewable two year staff appointment. Upon completion of the 2-year term, candidates may compete for other appointments.

Duty Station

Participants in the JPPAD program may work in either Washington DC or country office.

Apply Now for the World Bank Professional Program for Afro-Descendants 

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the World Bank Junior Professional Program


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