2015 ASME IShow: Global Hardware Led Social Innovation Competition ($USD 500k in prizes )

 Application Deadline: March 15 2015
For the first time ever, the ASME IShow will expand its global presence with events in Nairobi, Kenya, Pune, India, and Washington DC. The 8th annual ASME Innovation Showcase (IShow) has opened for applications.
The global competition for Hardware Led Social Innovations is open to individuals and organizations taking physical products to market that will have a social impact. Applicants should have an existing prototype and be interested in receiving financing, technical support, and access to industry networks to assist in taking their product to market.
The 30 finalists will be competing globally in showcases held in Pune, India, Washington DC, and Nairobi, Kenya in April, May and June, respectively.
The ASME IShow provides the full experience of product development and commercialization to innovators, bridging the gap between engineering knowledge and practical business skills.
The ASME IShow offers participating teams a unique platform to hone both their engineering and business skills by applying them to today’s real-world challenges,” said Robert T. Simmons, president of ASME. “This competition gives these hardworking and dedicated teams the inspiration and resources needed to turn their ideas into tangible products that could someday change the world.” Participants will receive feedback on their idea, access to industry best practice and contact with a global community of engineering experts.
  • 30 finalists will pitch to the judges in person;
  • receiving product exposure, advice and technical insights and 9 innovators will win a share of $500k in prizes ;
  • including an extensive design and engineering review by a panel of experts.

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  1. I tried to log in to add the last portion of my application around 8 PM EST on 3/14. However, it seems my application has been locked. Can you reopen the application since the posted deadline is 3/15? Please contact me. Thanks.

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