2015 Atlantic Council Millennium Leadership Fellowship Program for Emerging Leaders Worldwide –

Application Deadline: March 1st 2015

Location: Washington USA and Turkey

In 2015, the Atlantic Council is recruiting exceptional rising leaders thirty-five years old and under from around the world who shares the councils’ passion for creating a more secure and prosperous world.

Fellows will come from a wide range of backgrounds including policy experts, journalists, elected officials, military personnel, academics, entrepreneurs, executives, community and cultural leaders, and senior government officials. Above all, they will bring an entrepreneurial spirit, character to inspire and lead, positive vision, and passion for shaping the world to the fellowship.

The Millennium Fellowship is open to rising leaders and innovators around the world committed to achieving transformational change in their communities, countries, and professional fields with a global impact.

The Leadership Program is a dynamic two-year fellowship for rising innovators and transformational leaders under 35 years of age, committed to making a global impact! Fellows will have unique opportunities to build a global network of peers, engage with world leaders at high-profile international events, develop key professional skills, and collaborate to develop global impact projects with support from the Atlantic Council.


Millennium Fellowship Time Commitment and Dues:

  1. Fellows commit to attending two weeklong Millennium Leadership Program events scheduled for Washington, DC in late April–early May 2015 and Istanbul in November 2015, as well at least one flagship event in 2016.
  2. 2015 fellowship annual dues are $450 for public, nonprofit, and academic sector members, and $950 for private sector and corporate members. Dues cover all flights, lodging, and group meals for both trips during the first year (an estimated total cost of more than $5,000 per fellow). The Council offers a limited number of subsidies to cover part or all of the dues for fellows with demonstrated financial need. To request a subsidy, please email program staff at [email protected] with an explanation of the request using the subject line “Fellowship Subsidy Request” before the application deadline of March 1, 2015.


Fellowship Benefits:

Network: Join a global network of rising leaders and build life-long relationships through executive retreats and informal events.

Engagement: Attend two flagship Atlantic Council events each year—one in North America and one in Europe. In 2015, fellows will travel to Washington, DC, and Istanbul, Turkey, to participate in the

  • April 2015 Distinguished Leadership Awards dinner and
  • The November 2015 Istanbul Energy and Economic Summit, respectively, for meetings with senior experts and world leaders.Skills: Develop leadership skills and policy expertise through advanced master classes, mentorship, and substantive engagement with Council programs and centers.

    Impact: Collaborate on reports, events, and projects that shape policy and highlight innovative ideas, supported by impact project funding.

Apply Now for the 2015 Atlantic Council Millennium Leadership Program 

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2015 Atlantic Council Millennium Leadership Program 


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