2015 enpact mentoring initiative for young entrepreneurs from North Africa

Application Deadline: 15 March 2015

The enpact mentoring initiative is  looking for outstanding and pro-active entrepreneurs who are motivated to take matters into their own hands

The focus is a multi-layered horizontal learning and mentoring approach that is based on triangular relationships between young entrepreneurs from different regions who are guided and advised by several mentors from the enpact network. Over the course of nine months, young entrepreneurs benefit from intensive one-on-one mentoring as well as peer-to-peer learning within their group.

While the mentors provide their mentees, or enpact fellows , with individual coaching and counselling, strong emphasis is also put on the sharing of experiences and knowledge amongst the fellows themselves. Thus, the enpact mentoring approach is a unique peer-to-peer learning and stimulating method, guided and advised by a large multi-disciplinary group of mentors who are able to provide the participants with tailor-made expertise and advice for the business cases presented.


Eligibility Requirement:

  • The target group of this initiative are young entrepreneurs from Austria, Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Morocco, Switzerland, Tunisia.
  • The participation is open to all entrepreneurs who are founder and owner of a company in Austria, Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Morocco, Switzerland, Tunisia and hold the citizenship of one of these countries.
  • There is no age limit. In case of similar applications, younger and female business owners will be preferred in the selection process.


In order to ensure that fellows are matched in an ideal way, entrepreneurs apply specific challenges. These challenges may consist of specific themes and questions (e.g. marketing, e-commerce, etc.) as well as concrete sector-specific problems (e.g. recycling, IT, etc.) that entrepreneurs face in their businesses.

Challenges 2015

1. Transport | Do you offer an innovative solution to transport challenges in your country?
Traffic congestion is an omnipresent problem. In urban areas and countries with limited public transportation and poorly managed traffic, crowded streets can cause adverse effects to the quality of life and the economy.

2. Recycling | Is your business addressing waste management in your country?
Garbage has increased rapidly in recent years. While waste generation is highest in developed countries per capita, developing countries with high urbanisation rates have also seen steep increases.

3. Social Business | Does your business address social problems?
Social entrepreneurs have created businesses to address problems that people and societies suffer from. Social issues (e.g. health care, education, poverty reduction, support of refugees, etc.) can be alleviated effectively through inclusive business solutions with the objective of achieving social impact and non-profit maximisation

4. Education | Does your business aim to improve the education system in your country?
Education is not only the most powerful instrument to alleviate poverty and reduce inequality, it’s also a basis for sustained economic growth. While the level of education has increased worldwide, there are still considerable regional differences in the quality and accessibility of education

5. Green Technology/ Environmental Technology | Does your business develop or sell an innovative green tech product? Environmental technology is the future, whether in terms of alternative energy generation, energy efficiency or water treatment.

6. Health | Does your business offer innovative solutions to challenges in the health sector?
Health care providers worldwide constantly face difficult – and sometimes deadly – challenges, whether it’s confronting new diseases or adapting to rising health care costs.

7. Finance/Fin Tech | Are you an innovator shaping the future of our financial system?
Products and services in financial technology are reshaping the workflow of financial systems. FinTech businesses, with products ranging from crowd-funding platforms to mobile payment solutions, have established themselves in different markets


application phase
21 January – 15 March 2015

preselection phase
16 March – 3 April 2015

selection committee
9 April – 17 April 2015

entrepreneurs camps
5-10 May | Egypt, 5-9 August | Germany, 7-11 October | Tunisia

enpact forum
28 November 2015



Egyptian candidates -> apply

Moroccan candidates -> apply

Tunisian candidates -> apply

E-Mail: [email protected]

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the enpact mentoring intiative


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