2015 IDEX Global Fellows Program for Aspiring Social Leaders (Scholarships/Stipends Available)


Each year, the IDEX Global Fellows Program invites a select number of individuals to take part in six-months of intrapreneurial leadership training across India. Fellows gain emerging market experience while working hands on with socially-focused enterprises who deliver high impact solutions in local and global communities.

Eigibility Criteria:

Candidates must possess the minimum qualifications to be eligible for the IDEX Fellowship:

  • Bachelor or Masters/Graduate Degree (BS/BA/BBA must be obtained prior to start of program);

  • Ability to perform in a high pressure environment;

  • English fluency (written and spoken);

  • Ability to legally work in India for six months (IDEX will provide more information on the business visa application process).

  • Minimum of 1-3 years of professional work experience;

  • Excellent listening and communication skills (written and verbal).

Application Process

Every year aspiring social leaders from across the world apply to become one of the next IDEX Fellows. After a competitive application process, we invite the most promising candidates to become part of our next cohort of social intrapreneur leaders.

During the Fellowship

During the six-month fellowship cycle, IDEX fellows work full-time with a social enterprise partner (in India), in addition to completing IDEX’s Intrapreneur Leadership Training.


After the Fellowship program, IDEX Fellows continue to pursue social impact careers, with 90% of alumni currently working with socially progressive enterprises such as Gray Matters Capital, Calvert Foundation, Commonwealth Ventures, Bridge International Academies, Ashoka, Omidyar Network, and Unltd India.

Fellowship Stipends

  • IDEX estimates that fellows living expenses, while in India, will average $250- $400 USD per month based on the city placement. Fellows will receive a modest monthly living stipend (approx. $100-$150 USD/month) towards the fellow’s cost of living expenses.
  • The amount of the monthly stipend will be based on the cost of living in the fellow’s placement city. Please note the monthly stipends are intended to reduce a portion of the fellow’s living expenses but are not intended to cover all estimated monthly living expenses.


Tuition for the 2015 Global Fellows Program is $3,500 USD.  Tuition is payable prior to program orientation.

Tuition covers all educational expenses of the program, including:

  • All educational modules including leadership programs, development plans, academic mentoring, and professional development.

  • Pre-departure Virtual Training

  • Lodging for the fellow training and orientation, in addition to all meals and and transportation from field training location to the fellow’s permanent placement city.

  • Monthly capacity building sessions 

  • IDEX 20/30 Curriculum (includes print and mobile app version) and supporting materials

  • IDEX Field Support Staff

  • Post-fellowship support and Alumni network opportunities

Tuition does not cover:

  • Tuition does not cover airfare or travel to/from placement city, visa costs or daily living expenses during program such as food or utilities.

  • Daily living expenses, such as food, utilities and other miscellaneous expenses.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the IDEX Global Fellows Program


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