Call for Bloggers: 65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference.


Application Deadline:  1 August

The Media and Youth Subcommittees are excited to announce a worldwide call for 8 bloggers (aged 18-32) for the
65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference. The Conference will focus on harnessing the strategies, expertise and resources across the broadest spectrum of civil society to move poverty eradication, sustainability, human rights and climate justice into the mainstream discourse, and spark sustained public demand for lasting political action in support of an ambitious outcome from the post- 2015 sustainable development process.

The group selected will receive accreditation as bloggers for the Conference and will have the opportunity to meet and interview representatives from over 1,800 NGOs from all over the world; UN and government officials; UN agencies; corporations; civil society; educational, health and financial institutions; academics; private sector speakers from business and
philanthropy, and others.

Selected conference blog posts will be shared on the official United Nations and DPI/NGO blogs


Applications must include:

  • A cover letter that: -Expresses interest in covering this conference-
  • Explains how you plan to disseminate the information to peers, communities and beyond-Lists any prior blogging experience-Includes social media samples [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.] – Includes contact information including email, Skype address, and phone.
  • A resume
  • A minimum of 2 samples of writing that have been published in print or online Email application and questions to: [email protected]

Notification of selection: 8 August

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UN DPI/NGO Conference


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