2015 IPPFAR ARO Youth Internship Programme for projects promoting Girl’s Empowerment.

Application Deadline: April 6th 2015

Theme: “Unleashing the Potential of Africa’s Young Women’’

The objective of the International Planned Parenthood Federation Youth internship programme in 2015 is to promote Adolescents and Young people as key agents for social change and economic growth through Girls empowerment, thus within international, regional and national coalitions by strengthening their involvement, leadership and titillating their energy for creativity &innovation.
The 2015 Youth Internship seeks to funds individual youth projects that aim to contribute to girl’s empowerment to exercise control over their own health, wellbeing and life by contributing to:

  • hold governments accountable for implementation of commitments pledge in the area gender equality and adolescents sexual and reproductive health and rights; – enact existing positive laws in the area;
  • address legal, social and cultural barriers that affect girl’s participation, empowerment and access to SRHR, including by promoting boys involvement (for ex: legislation, including customary laws, policies and institutionalized practices that authorise marriage before the age of 18; those that fixe an age of consent to sex, those that condition access of Young people to number of services by parental consent, those that prevent access to education for pregnant or mother adolescents and girls, etc..
  • improve access and quality of services for girls , especially the most underserved;
  • improve knowledge of communities, particularly adolescents and young boys and girls on adolescents girls rights;
  • mobilise additional resources for girls empowerment & girls access to services;
  • disseminate IPPF gender equality policy and strengthen capacities of YAM in his role of advocate for gender equality and girls empowerment at local, national and/or regional levels;

Who can apply for the Youth Internship project?

The application to the Youth Internship programme is individual. To be eligible the applicant must:

i) Been active youth volunteer and a member of his/her Member Association’s YAM;

ii) Be at the age of 24 years of age or below on the date of the application. The applicant will be required to provide evidence of the age and MAs of origin to validate the evidence of their recommended nominee.

iii) Have attained tertiary education at a recognized institution of higher learning in the home country; a first or second level degree (Masters) is an added advantage.

iv) Be self-supporting in basic computer skills (Word, Excel, Power Point etc.)

v) Be in possession of a valid travel document (passport) with at least 12 months to the date of expiry from the date of appointment.

vi) Be willing to work in multicultural environment and to share accommodation with members of the opposite sex.

vii) Be fluent in one of IPPFAR official languages, preferably the MA hosting spoken language (English, French or Portuguese); fluency in a second IPPFAR language will be an added advantage.

How long will the programme last?

  • The Internship program will last 6 months.
  • However there is room for flexibility subject to the internship project work plan and chronogram without exceeding a maximum duration of 9 months.

Do you want to propose a project?

  • Document yourself about sub-Saharan countries context on
    o Gender equality, Girls empowerment and access to SRHR;
    o Gender equality related initiatives in the region, commitments pledges by countries in the area and their actual level of implementation;
    o IPPF gender policy, IPPF vision 2020 and Girls empowerment initiatives
  • – Identify gaps you want to address. Be realistic and do not embrace too much. You cannot change the world with ONE project but you can definitely add your little bit
    – Use the specific application form attached to this concept note. Pull together a budget and prepare a chronogram/ work plan too. You’ll also want to think about how you’re going to measure whether your project is successful or not (measurable indicators)
    – Ensure that you have collected & filled all required information and/or documents necessary for the application
    – Submit your application to [email protected] by April 6th, 2015

Application files must contain
– Motivation letter
– Completed Application form
– Photocopy of Applicant Passport

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the IPPFAR Youth Internship Programme 


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