2015 KAAD Scholarships to Study in germany

2015 KAAD Scholarship Programme for Africans to study in Germany.

Application Deadline: November 30 2014

The Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD) is a scholarship institution of the German Catholic Church for post-graduate students and scientists from  developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Near and Middle East, as well as Eastern and Southeastern Europe. KAAD supports scholars in form of scholarships and educational programs and offers spiritual and personal assistance in view of future multiplying functions students will have in their home countries.

The KAAD Scholarship programme for sub-Saharan Africa is geared towards development of African countries and societies as well as development of qualified individuals.

  • Young university graduates, who have already taken over responsibility in church and society, should be empowered to continue along this line and do it in an even more qualified way.
  • Beneficiaries of KAAD-scholarships are predominantly from needy families and display academic excellence. The ultimate aim of our scholarship policy is the promotion of so-called “Agents of Change”.
  • The focus countries in Africa today are: Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Uganda and Tanzania are counted to be part of the focus region East Africa, apart from Kenya
  • . There are four Partner Committees which are also responsible for the adjoining countries of the above mentioned.
  • In addition, there are local partner bodies, or contact persons in our partner country Cameroon.

Eligibility Requirements:

For the scholarship programme 1 of KAAD you can apply if you:

  • come from a developing or emerging country in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America
  • have a university degree and professional experience from your home country
  • want to acquire a master’s degree or a PhD at a German university or do a post-doctoral research project (2-6 months for established university lecturers) at a German university
  • are a Catholic Christian (or general belong to a Christian denomination). Candidates from other religions can apply if they are proposed by Catholic partners and can prove their commitment to interreligious dialogue
  • possess German language skills before starting the studies (KAAD can provide a language course of max. 6 months in Germany).

What does KAAD expect from you?

  • Above-average performance in studies and research
  • The orientation of your studies or research towards permanent reintegration in your home region (otherwise the scholarship is turned into a loan),
  • Religious and social commitment (activities) and willingness to inter-religious dialogue.

How to Apply:



For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the KAAD Scholarships for Africans





2 responses to “2015 KAAD Scholarship Programme for Africans to study in Germany.”

  1. Tilahun Belayneh Avatar
    Tilahun Belayneh

    I have strong interest to study PHD in Germany!!!

  2. Amistu Kuma Avatar

    I am Ethiopian I have MSc. in Food Science and Nutrition and I need to attend PhD in Food Science and Nutrition or Food Safety

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