2015 MENA Common Ground Institute Small Grants Call for Proposals: Tunisian and Egyptian Civil Society Scheme

Application Deadline: 11 May 2015

The MENA CGI is a regional initiative to enhance dialogue quality in the MENA region, with the overall goal to foster collaborative dialogue on local, regional and national levels in the region.

MENA CGI has commenced its operations in January 2015 with a one-year pilot project Promoting Dialogues” targeting civil society organizations in Tunisia and Egypt. In the framework of this pilot initiative, MENA CGI will first enhance the skills of local civil society organizations in convening and designing effective community facilitation and dialogue processes.

In the first round of the accredited online dialogue facilitation training (March – April, 2015) offered by Soliya, MENA CGI has already engaged with more than 16 civil society organizations in Tunisia and Egypt.

MENA CGI is launching a call for small grants targeting civil society organizations in Tunisia and Egypt to design and implement dialogue projects on the local and national levels. The overall objective of the call is to support local organizations to implement dialogue initiatives in their communities.

In order to raise acceptance of dialogue processes by local community members, civil society, media and local governments, projects should involve multiple stakeholders.

Grant Size

Minimum: $ 5,000 USD
Maximum: $ 7,500 USD

Budgetary remarks:

  1. Human resources budget line should be reasonable and proportionate to the project activities.
  2. An overhead/indirect cost is allowed up to 7% of the direct cost.


The implementation period for the project should be minimum 1 month and maximum 3 months. Project implementation should start 1 June and finish by 31 August at the latest.


  • Applicant organization must be a legal entity registered in Tunisia or Egypt.
  • Proposals could be for projects and initiatives to be implemented for the first time or for a pre-existing and ongoing project or initiative that matches the call objectives.
  • Proposals should be complete and respect the designated templates. In case of incomplete proposals, false information, or using other templates, applications will be ineligible and excluded by the MENA CGI evaluation committee.


Civil society organizations in Egypt and Tunisia should complete the application form and budget templates and send them by email to [email protected]. They should indicate in the subject email “MENA CGI Call for Project Proposals”.




For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the MENA CGI Call for Project Proposals



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