DAAD COSIMENA’s Summer School 2022 for students MENA region.

Application Deadline: June 30, 2022

COSIMENA’s summer school is a yearly event hosted in cooperation with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT). The event brings together master students and scholars who have finished their masters not longer than five years ago from Germany and the MENA-Region to work together on a specific academic field from different angle each year.


  • An average of 25 participants are invited to international classrooms at the AASTMT here in Egypt, where they attend one to two weeks of training on the relevant topic.

    The Summer / Winter School allows a different angle to the young researchers’ respective fields since the classes are held by several trainers of different scientific disciplines as well as countries, from German universities and universities in the region. Therefore, the subjects are presented and discussed from multilateral perspectives and allow the participants to experience and familiarize themselves with the different methodologies, policies and strategies adopted in each country.
  • Consequently, the event aim is to build academic bridges and enable international exchange to support research and academia of the participating countries.


  • Face-to-Face-Lectures: Lectures in which the participants can work together on a specific theme and are provided with input from the trainers and experts and discuss with fellow participants.
  • Workshops: In the workshops, the students will work in groups on assignments and small projects in which they suggest creative and innovative solutions to certain problems.
  • Field Trips: In the field trips, the participants will visit farms and observe the agricultural practices there and put some of the techniques they have learnt in the lectures into practice.

Certificate of Participation

  • Participants are expected to be part of all activities taking place in the Summer School. 
  • A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the school, provided that the participant has attended the entire summer school


  • The DAAD Regional Office Cairo will cover all costs related to mobility and accommodation in the scope of the COSIMENA Summer School.
  • Accommodation will take place in SEKEM Guest House in Belbeis with three meals a day provided.

 The event takes place from September 10th until September 18th, 2022.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the COSIMENA’s Summer School 2022


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