2015 Seligman APV Fellowship in Food Engineering ( GB £11,000 Grant, Fully Funded to the United Kingdom)

Application Deadline: July 31st 2015

Seligman Fellowships are for recent food engineering graduates and post-graduates who are non-UK residents currently working in industry or academia and would be able to come to the UK to dedicate a continuous period of up to six months on project based studies in food engineering to develop their skills and acquire relevant state-of-the-art knowledge. Candidates must demonstrate that they are particularly involved in food engineering in their home countries.

The Seligman APV Trust was endowed by APV (now part of SPX) in honour of its founder, SCI Member Dr Richard Seligman (1878-1972). This is one of the charitable funds of SCI (Registered Charity No 206883). The Seligman APV Trust grants Fellowships through a Selection Panel that includes food engineering and science experts, and members of the Seligman family.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The fellowship invites applications from recent graduates, and post-graduates aged 25 to 35, whose careers are focused in food engineering and who are non-UK residents.
  • Applicants must be working in industry or academia and be able to spend a period of up to six continuous months in the UK on project based studies in food engineering to develop their skills and acquire relevant state-of-the-art knowledge.


  • This is an excellent opportunity to study in one of the UK’s leading centres of food technology/engineering teaching or industrial research for up to six months with a grant of up to £11,000.

Fellowship Worth:
The Seligman Fellowship Covers:
Funds of up to GB £11,000 are allocated to Fellows, which cover
• one return ticket from the Fellow’s home country to the UK
• industrial and academic visits
• attachment fees
• accommodation and living expenses for the programme’s duration.

It is important for applicants to consider that Fellowship money is intended to provide only for the Fellow’s expenses. Selected candidates must be aware of this fact and, if intending to bring their partners or families to the UK, must be capable of funding their stay through their own savings or income secured in their home country. UK immigration law prohibits student visitors and general visitors or tourists from working in the UK.

Application Procedure:

  • All applications must provide evidence of achievements and be filled carefully using the online application form.
  • Applications will only be valid when supported by two reference letters complying with the requirements specified in the application form provided.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that referees’ letters are sent; SCI will not chase reference letters.

Apply Now for the 2015 2015 Seligman Fellowships for Food Engineering Graduates

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Seligman Fellowships


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