2015 Spring Accelerator Programme East Africa for Entrepreneurs

Application Deadline: 16 March 2015

SPRING is a first of its kind accelerator designed to build and scale businesses that offer
products and services to enhance the lives of adolescent girls, ages 10-19, living in poverty.
It’s a revolutionary experiment in market-driven social change, with the potential to reach
hundreds of thousands of girls in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Bangladesh,
Pakistan, Nepal and beyond.
Sponsored by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), the Nike
Foundation, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), SPRING will help chosen businesses further develop and market their girl-forward products through
grants, workshops and mentorships.
The five-year program kicks off in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. The ambition: to reach 200,000 girls by 2019.

A pioneering accelerator that provides finance, world-class mentors, and technical expertise to businesses that can improve the lives of adolescent girls

An estimated 250 million adolescent girls live in poverty worldwide, unable to build assets or safely raise the income needed for a more prosperous life. SPRING identifies and supports ventures that can bring life-enhancing products and services to this huge population.

SPRING is a 5-year programme backed by 3 of the most influential and innovative organisations in the world: the UK’s Department for International Development, the Nike Foundation, and USAID

SPRING helps scale businesses where their products and services are most needed for girls. The programme hub is in Kenya, and the first group of entrepreneurs is based in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. In phase 2, the initiative will extend to Tanzania and Ethiopia, and in phase 3, to Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal.

The Spring Programme is looking for 4 types of products or services that will improve girls’ lives:

  1. Income-generating tools
  2. Time- and labour-saving devices
  3. Secure ways to save and invest
  4. Products that increase safety and security

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Be a legal, registered enterprise able to demonstrate a minimum of one year of revenue-generating operations.
  • Be able to demonstrate current operations or plans to secure representation in Kenya, Uganda and/or Rwanda by June 2015.
  • The business’s product or service will increase adolescent girls’ ability to do one or more of the following:
    • Generate income
    • Save time or labour, giving girls more time to study or secure employment
    • Save and invest their earnings and assets
    • Feel safe and secure
  • The business’s product or service must be a physical, digital or financial asset that targets or benefits girls.


SPRING includes 9 months of immersive training, mentorship, and collaboration that will transform your business

  • Pre-Program: Six Weeks
  • Selection Camp: 1 Day Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali
  • Boot Camp Week: 2 Weeks Nairobi
  • Prototyping: 8 Weeks Home
  • Pitch Camp: 1 Day Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali
  • Implementation: 6 Months Home
  • Spring Forum: 1 Day Nairobi



SPRING would cover in-country or international costs associated with traveling to the Boot Camp and provide accommodation for the Boot Camp.

How to Apply:

Apply Now Now for the SPRING Accelerator Programme

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the SPRING Accelerator Program



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