2015 United Nations Foundation Training on sustainable development for journalists

Application deadline: August 30, 2015

Start date: Apr 27, 2015

End date: Aug 21, 2015

Location: Multiple Locations


Thomson Reuters Foundation has partnered with the United Nations Foundation to train over 500 journalists, government and non-governmental leaders worldwide ahead of landmark United Nations Summits on sustainable development and climate change by mid-August 2015.

The intensive training programme aims to provide professionals from 33 countries with information, tools and strategies to understand the complex issues surrounding the next set of UN global development goals.

The programme will enable reporters, editors and spokespeople to better understand, report and communicate around some of the issues related to two crucial upcoming UN conferences: the UN Summit in New York in September that will see the adoption of the new Global Goals, and the UN Climate Change Conference in December in Paris, which is aimed at reaching a universal climate agreement.


  • Applications from journalists focusing on sustainability and climate change reporting with a maximum of five years’ experience – OR journalists with more experience and who have not covered this topic before, but who have a marked interest in starting to cover sustainable development.
  • Journalists who cover the local communities, where the achievement of these new sustainability goals might really make an impact, as well as nationwide, will be very welcome.
  • Applicants who are already experts in covering sustainable development and climate change.


  • The Organizers are keen to find participants based in the cities where the courses are taking place. If based elsewhere, travel and accommodation are not covered.
  • The course itself is free of charge.

Training courses will take place from late April through August 2015 in the following countries:

•    London, UK:                        27 April – 1 May
•    Harare, Zimbabwe:              18-22 May
•    Lagos, Nigeria:                    25-29 May
•    Kampala, Uganda:               15-19 June    
•    Mexico City, Mexico:           15-19 June
•    Beijing, China:                     15-19 June
•    Paris, France:                      22-26 June
•    Dar es Salaam,Tanzania:      22-26 June
•    Kigali, Rwanda:                    29 June – 3 July
•    Sydney, Australia:                29 June – 3 July
•    Nairobi, Kenya:                     6-10 July
•    São Paulo, Brazil:                 6-10 July
•    Milan, Italy:                          13-17 July
•    Madrid, Spain:                      13-17 July
•    Johannesburg, S. Africa:       13-17 July        
•    Mumbai, India:                      13-17 July
•    Manila, Philippines:                13-17 July
•    Amman, Jordan:                    21-25 July
•    Los Angeles, USA:                20-21 July
•    Los Angeles, USA:                23-24 July
•    Doha, Qatar:                          26-30 July
•    Tokyo, Japan:                        27-31 July
•    Jakarta, Indonesia:                 27-31 July
•    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:         27-31 July
•    Istanbul, Turkey:                     27-31 July
•    La Paz, Bolivia:                       27-31 July
•    Dubai, UAE:                            2-6 August
•    Cotonou, Benin:                       3-7 August
•    New York, USA:                      3-4 August
•    New York, USA:                      6-7 August
•    Berlin, Germany:                     3-7 August
•    Lusaka, Zambia:                      3-7 August
•    Dhaka, Bangladesh:                10-14 August
•    Buenos Aires, Argentina:         10-14 August
•    Lima, Peru:                            17-21 August

Application Process:

  • Those interested please email Marta Machado with two samples of published work (even if not climate/sustainability-related) and a short statement on why they feel they should cover the new SDGs and hence be selected to attend our course, including details of how long they have been working in journalism.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Thomson Reuters Foundation Training on sustainable development for journalists


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