2016 United Nations OHCHR Minorities Fellowship Programme, Geneva Switzerland (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: Sunday 22 May 2016.

The Minorities Fellowship Programme (MFP) was launched by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in 2005.

Through the MFP, the OHCHR aims to give persons belonging to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities an opportunity to gain knowledge on the UN system and mechanisms dealing with international human rights in general and minority rights in particular. The MFP is intended to assist organizations and communities in protecting and promoting the rights of minorities the fellows belong to.

The Fellows are based at the OHCHR Geneva, Switzerland. The MFP is interactive and consists of briefings on several topics (e.g. the UN system, OHCHR work, human rights mechanisms and instruments), fellows also undertake individual and group assignments.

This year, the English and Russian language components of the Minorities Fellowship Programme will run from 7 to 25 November 2016, in Geneva, Switzerland, and fellows will be able to participate in the 9th Session of the Forum on Minority Issues.

Both the English and the Russian language component of the Minority Fellowship Programme gives selected fellows the opportunity to learn more about the promotion and protection of minority rights, OHCHR, and the UN system as well give them an opportunity to attend the 8th session of the Forum on Minority Issues.

Eligibility Requirements:

The candidate must belong to a national, ethnic, linguistic or religious minority group (persons who do not belong to a minority group will not be taken into consideration, even if they have close links with minority communities and/or organizations)

If your community identifies as indigenous, please do not apply to this programme but to our Indigenous Fellowship Programme. Please note that the Indigenous Fellowship is a separate programme and has different application forms and deadlines.

2. Formal education should not be a limitation to participation in the Minorities Fellowship Programme, if relevant experience can be demonstrated.

3. Candidates should have ability, willingness and possibility to train other persons belonging to minorities upon return to their respective communities/organizations and should agree to do so.

4. The candidates must have a good working knowledge of the language in which the programme is imparted (English).

5. The candidate should be proposed and his/her candidacy supported by his/her organization and/or community. It is desirable that the sponsoring organization has a firm constituency or membership, is representative, undertakes work on minority issues and is composed of persons belonging to minorities.

6. The overall goal of the Minorities Fellowship Programme is to offer persons belonging to minorities the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in the field of international human rights in order to assist their organizations and communities in protecting and promoting human and minority rights. Therefore, it is important that the candidate proposed and nominated by a minority organization or community be someone who will return to his or her NGO to work in this field.

Fellowship Worth:

  • Fellows are entitled to the following: a return ticket (economy class) from the country of residence to Geneva; basic health insurance for the duration of the Programme; a stipend to cover modest accommodation and other living expenses for the duration of the Programme.

How to Apply:

Fill Out the Application Form

Both parts I and II of the application form must be filled in and signed. In addition, application forms need to be accompanied by an official recommendation letter from the nominating organization or community. Fellowship applications will only be taken into consideration if they are fully completed.

Interested candidates should submit their application indicating “Application to the 2016 Minorities Fellowship Programme” as subject either by e-mail* to [email protected], by fax to the number +41 22 917 90 08 or by post to:

Application to the 2016 Minorities Fellowship Programme
Indigenous Peoples and Minorities Section
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
CH-1211 Geneva 10

* E-mailed applications must be signed, scanned and submitted as a single PDF file.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2016 Minorities Fellowship Programme


  1. I am very much interested in taking up the course. but what i know my director can not accept me to leave
    or sign me out?? Now what can i do?

  2. Hello when you talk about minority groups or religious groups please can you be more clear i volunteer at the Ecumenical service for peace in Cameroon

  3. My name is Eni Vincent from Nigeria and i belong to Idomi ethnic minority group. i commend OHCHR for their good work and for integrating minorities ethnic group in these fellowship program. I apply for these 2016 minority fellowship program coming up in november 7-25th, 2016 in Geneva. I summited my completed application form on the 29th April,2016, i later notice that i omitted the the ethnic group i represent in the form. Please i write to inform you that i belong to Idomi ethnic group in cross River state ,Nigeria. Secondly i want to know when those that are selected will be notice of their selection . Thank you for your kind understanding .


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