Adansonia Acceleration Program 2017 for Young African Entrepreneurs (Fully Funded to Milan, Italy)

Application Deadline: April 30, 2017

Adansonia is an acceleration program that trains entrepreneurs, gives them a certificate and enables them to apply for funding.A program by a top European university, open to all African entrepreneur.

The program is free and open to all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa. It is a collaboration between Bocconi University, one of the top business schools in Europe, and venture capitalists across the African continent.

Eligibility Requirements:

All Africa-based entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs are eligible. You just need

  • a business idea (or an existing business that you wish to expand),
  • professional proficiency in English (the online course and pitching event will be in English),
  • to be able to watch the course videos on the Internet (an Internet-connected device, e.g., smartphone or computer).


  • Take a free online course on entrepreneurship by a top university in Europe, Bocconi University.
  • Learn to build a business and to apply for funding.
  • Earn a certificate from Bocconi University, a top business school.
  • Write a business proposal and have it evaluated by pan-African venture capitalists who have partnered with the program. The top proposals get to pitch to investors.
  • Pitch to investors at the final pitching event. The partnering venture capitalists decide which proposals to fund.
  • Earn an all-expenses paid trip to Milan, Italy to learn more in a short business course at Bocconi University that lasts roughly a week. This prize is awarded to the participants who most actively help their peers refine their business ideas.

Outline of the 6-week online course

In this new 6-week course taught by professors at Bocconi University and by venture capitalists in Africa, participants will learn the following topics:

  • Ideating a new value proposition: learn how to identify spaces for innovation, and find customers.
  • Testing an idea before launch: learn how to assess market size and your competitors.
  • Marketing: learn how to develop your value proposition and segment customers.
  • Cost: learn how to identify partners, compute break-even analysis, and devise a pricing strategy.
  • Finalizing your business plan: learn how to do financial forecasts and what investors look for.
  • Get ready to present your startup: learn how to build your team, pitch your idea, and apply for funding.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Adansonia Acceleration Program 2017


  1. Hi Fasuyi. Yes, at the end of the online course you will be able to submit a business proposal, either for a new business or for a new idea related to an existing business. You can check all details at
    We are getting applications from 36 different countries in Africa, don’t miss this opportunity!

  2. Pliz adansonia team ,am the fourth best young entrepreneurs in Uganda ,I actually got this link today and I would love to fill the on line form but due to our poor technological development in Uganda my network where the information cought me is poor other am the founder director action for youth challenges and the exucutive direct udex textile and clothing company Uganda limited may I request to fill this form tomorrow?

    Look forward to meet you in the event

  3. Adansonia Team, please I haven’t received email from you inviting me to begin entrepreneurship course. I am worrying and want to find out why?


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