African Development Bank (AfDB) Tamayoz – Libya Leading the Way” Leadership Programme 2018 for Libyans

Application Deadline: November 9th 2017

Tamayoz – Libya leading the way project is an initiative lead by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Libyan government to support the political transition in Libya by strengthening the leadership capacity of its public, private and civil society sectors in order to lead the way to long-term institutional effectiveness, efficiency and prosperity.

After extensive research, a comprehensive training programme was designed to meet the objectives previously set by the stakeholders and satisfy the needs of the participants while taking into account the political situation, cultural sensitivities and the existing infrastructure available to support the delivery of the programme.

A new batch of Tamayoz applications will be accepted until November 9th 2017.The program dates are as follows:

  • Foundations Leadership course (E-learning) November 12th 2017 to December 9th 2017
  • Sector Specific Leadership course (E-learning) December 10th 2017 to December 23rd 2017
  • Leadership training in Libya (face-to-face): December 12th 2017 – February 3rd 2018 (each participant will attend one week only over this period)
  • Leadership Course in Tunisia (face-to-face) April 8th, 2018 to April 15th, 2018.

TAMAYOZ was designed to be conducted over a period of 14 weeks divided into three different stages for an effective and efficient learning process. The first and second stages of the programme will be based on e-learning modules where the first stage cover the leadership basics while the second stage is more concerned with sector-specific training needs. E-learning modules will be taught through a dedicated platform and participants will be engaged with reading material, short videos, webinars, and discussion forums among others.

The third and final stage is designed as an intensive training for a number of participants in Tunisia and  Libya ,and  it will include interactive workshops in addition to international guest speakers who will deliver inspirational speeches to give examples from around the world to show how leadership skills play a pivotal role in the transition period of different countries.


All nominees for the Leadership Programme are expected to be high performing individuals who have already demonstrated leadership capability in their current positions.
The following are the general selection criteria for participants:

  • Have worked for a minimum of 3 years in their current workplace, or a related organisation, to ensure that applicants have sufficient knowledge of organisational needs and challenges within their sector;
  • A university degree is a distinct advantage. Applicants lacking a university degree will be
    considered if they can demonstrate a track record of 7 years relevant work experience;
  • Priority will be given to participants aged between 25 and 45 years old. Applicants outside this age bracket must demonstrate exceptional leadership skills to be considered in the programme. Exceptional leadership skills will be distinguished by the total score awarded in the evaluation of their application;
  • Female participants are highly encouraged to apply from all three sectors, the programme will work to ensure the inclusion of a minimum of 10% female participation;
  • Good command of MS office and internet browsers in order to complete e-learning packages;
  • To successfully submit the application, the applicant must commit to attending and
    participating in the entire programme: to fulfill the required course assignments (e-learning,
    written assignments etc.), face-to-face trainings, and a willingness to work in teams. If some
    instances, the applicant may be required to submit approval from their workplace to confirm
    their availability to participate in this programme;
  • Basic English language skills are a requirement for participation in this course. While most
    sessions will be conducted in Arabic, interaction with international non-Arabic speaking
    experts will have significant added value for course participants;
  • Course participants should be as reflective of the Libyan population as possible, therefore, the geographical origins of applicants will be considered in assessing the final composition of
    course participants;
  • Applicants who can demonstrate commitment to the political transition, Libya’s stability and
    development, and improved service delivery to the Libyan people will be preferred;


Nominees will have to provide examples in their application form/process on how and when they have demonstrated their leadership, communication, and analytical skills. These skills can be detailed through their educational experience, workplace activities, and community engagement. Applicants will also submit a short video outlining their commitment to the future development of Libya, which will also be used to evaluate their presentation and communication skills. In their applications, applicants must highlight the following:

  • Good oral and written communication skills in Arabic;
  • Demonstrated desire and commitment to self-development;
  • Demonstrated desire and commitment to the development of Libya;
  • Proven leadership ability (influence, motivate and support teams);
  • Justifications as to why he/she would like to join the program, and why the applicant believes he/she should be selected.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the AfDB Tamayoz – Libya Leading the Way” Leadership Programme 2018


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