African Union Commission 2016 Africa Youth Day (Funded to Attend 2017 January Heads of States Summit)

Application Deadline:October 25th 2016

The African Youth Day takes place every 1st November, it was proclaimed and instituted on the occasion of the African Youth Charter adoption in the Executive Council Decision of the Banjul Summit in 2006 DOC.EX.CL/292 (IX).
The purpose of this event is to promote an increased recognition of youth as key agents for social change and economic growth in all aspects of the African society, to contribute and channel the youth motivation, energy and idealism, and to reinforce the efforts towards the achievement of a sustainable development in the Africa.
The celebration is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Shared values of an integrated and peaceful continent based on pan-African values;
  • Celebrating young people’s contributions and achievements as agents of change at the community level and their capacity to engage with other people in development issues;
  • Inclusion of young people in decision-making and planning processes at all levels;
  • Encouraging youth to play a stronger role in programme development and implementation to empower their communities.

The 2016 Africa Youth Day theme is “Promoting youth mainstreaming as a catalyst towards harnessing the Demographic Dividend.” The theme will be pinned towards the youth mainstreaming initiative of the African Union Commission as well as the commencement of deliberations around the African Union 2017 theme of the year.

This year, the African Union Commission is calling on the youth of the continent to commemorate this day under the above mentioned theme. In a bid to ensure that African youth continue to strive for ownership in Africa’s development, the AUC is encouraging young people to host activities in their communities and share these activities with us to document and where possible upscale.
The main objective of the occasion is to launch the Youth Mainstreaming Guideline and to promote the importance of youth as leaders in reaping the demographic transition.
Specifically the occasion will

  •  Promote the youth mainstreaming in all development activities;
  • Increase awareness, commitment and investment in youth;
  • Strengthen youth participation and partnerships;
  • Increase intercultural exchanges and understanding among youth;
  • Sensitise state actors, private sector players and development partners on the need to accelerate the youth agenda, with youth, under the four key pillars of the Demographic Dividend Road-map: 1.) Employment and Entrepreneurship, 2.) Education and Skills Development, 3.) Health and Wellbeing, and 4.) Rights, Governance and Youth Empowerment.


  • Launched AUC Youth Mainstreaming Guideline
  • Showcasing of youth talents and what youth are doing in their spaces as well as peer-to-peer learning; and
  • Renewed commitment or interest’ in our work towards youth development on the continent.


  • The AUC will be taking a decentralised approach and encouraging youth to celebrate this day with activities organised in their spaces;
  • Member States are encouraged to share country level events with us to document and upscale where possible to a continental audience;
  • At the Continental level – the AUC will use the opportunity to launch the AUC Youth Mainstreaming Guideline as a commitment to “accelerating Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development in Africa,” as mandated by the Summit Decision Assembly/AU/Dec.363 (XVII);
  • Call for submission of work around the theme (submit either an abstract/write-up etc. of what you are doing in your respective communities as outlined in the call). Screening and selection of participants who will be invited to the January Summit during the official opening of the 2017 AU theme of the year;
  • Social media campaign: Info graphic on Africa Youth Day celebrations across the continent to be displayed – mapping out all the different activities planned for the day;
  • Twitter and Facebook campaigns on youth mainstreaming in achieving development goals.


  • Member States, African youth on the continent and in the Diaspora, AU Ministers and Senior Officials of Youth, Sports and Culture, UN Agencies and Development Partners, Youth led and Youth Serving organisations
  • Youth across the continent are encouraged to commemorate this day by replicating the continental celebrations in their respective countries and sharing the outcomes with the AUC for compilation and documentation.


This is a call for submission in the form of an abstract/write-up, artistic impression, video, blog around the following four thematic pillars of the demographic dividend road-map:

  • Pillar 1: Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • Pillar 2: Education and Skills Development
  • Pillar 3: Health and Wellbeing
  • Pillar 4: Rights, Governance and Youth Empowerment.

Selected entries will be invited to partake in the 2017 January Heads of States Summit. Female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

What and how to submit:

  • Write-ups should be no more than 1000 words. Support your work by sending further evidence such as pictures and/or videos and nomination/recommendation letters.

Kindly note that only high resolution photos and videos will be accepted. Send links to big files (Videos/photos/blogs etc.). Include the following information as part of your submission: Name of your project or your organisation and country or region your work affect, your age and sex.

Send your entries directly to: [email protected] with the “AU Youth Day 2016” in the subject line.

Ms. Diana Diallo | Department of Human Resources Science and Technology | African Union Commission | Email: [email protected]

Mr. Christian Fleming| Department of Human Resources Science and Technology | African Union Commission | Email: [email protected]

For More Information:

Visit the Official Official Webpage of the African Union Commission 2016 African Youth Day


  1. The African Youth Charter, is principal to the development of Africa’s Talents. The African Union should stop at nothing to help Africans cross the bridge of development and make the African soil, a place of desire for all and diaspora.

    We at Afro Partnership Development, the organizers of African Youth Science and Technology Exposition are at the fore front of showcasing the youth talented in the field of SET and matching their ideas with investors thereby making the job creators, tax payers, and entrepreneurs.

    We will do to support and actualize the AYC.

    Amela Awata
    Johnson A Adeleye

  2. Africa is the next most powerful continent with untapped resources and vibrant youths with innovative entrepreneurial mindset ,I say thank you to our leaders who have the youths in their economical and sociopolitical agendas.Africans are strong a hardworking people added with the need mindset of technological development I believe the world will soon look at Africa for who what Africa really is and not what not.

    Fonakwo Edward

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