Anu and Naveen Jain Women’s Safety XPRIZE 2017 ($1,000,000) for Technology Solutions.

Application Deadline: 31st March, 2017

The Anu and Naveen Jain Women’s Safety XPRIZE will award $1,000,000 to the most accurate and most usable technology solution which is able to: –

  • Trigger location-accurate alerts in emergency situations even in low-connectivity scenarios
  • Transmit alerts to a network of responders, and rapidly provide a response to the user within 90 seconds that help is on its way
  • Exhibit a novel approach to building or combining existing and/or emerging technologies to better connect users and responders under $40 per year

The Women’s Safety XPRIZE assumes three User Scenarios in which the proposed solution must prove effective.

  • Scenario 1: User is located on the fourth floor of a corporate office environment with access to high connectivity to Wi-Fi and mobile networks; user’s arms are physically restrained.
  • Scenario 2: User is located in a moving vehicle with access to intermittent Wi-Fi and mobile network connectivity, to operate a mobile phone
  • Scenario 3: User is located in a room with no Wi-Fi connectivity and low mobile network strength, and has access to a smart phone.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • XPRIZE believes that solutions can come from anyone, anywhere. Scientists, engineers, academics, entrepreneurs and innovators with new ideas from all over the world are invited to form a team and register to compete.
  • To participate, a team may need to recruit additional experts and can add new members at any time throughout the competition.
  • Competing teams will own the Intellectual Property of their submissions.


The one million dollars ($1,000,000) Grand Prize will be awarded to the winning Team in June, 2018.


There will be two sequential rounds of the Competition.

  • Round 1: Detailed Design Evaluation
  • Round 2: Deployment-Ready Prototype& Usability Testing
    After Round 1 up to twenty-five qualifying Teams, as determined by the Judging Panel, will be eligible to compete in Round 2.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the  Anu and Naveen Jain Women’s Safety XPRIZE 2017



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