Apply Now for Andela Free IT Training and Job Opportunities for Nigerians (N81,500/month Stipend)


Application Deadline : July 18, 2014

Are you looking for a job that is exciting, respectable, stable, has opportunities for growth and pays well? Jobs like that don’t come easily. But, if you are smart, hardworking and would love to learn how to build software that has a huge global impact (like Facebook, or Twitter), then you need to learn about Andela.

Andela is a new kind of company. In partnership with some of the best engineers and technology entrepreneurs in Nigeria, the United States and Canada, we hire and train Africa’s brightest and most driven young people so that in just a few years, they can go from never having written a line of code to being world-class software engineers.

As part of our entirely merit-based selection process, we offer a free two week Boot Camp where instructors with years of software development experience will teach you the basics of front end web programming and help you collaboratively build your first web development project.

Our ideal candidate must be extremely driven, hard-working, detail oriented, curious, and deeply interested in building software or websites, but might not have any formal training in it. While we respect degrees and prior experience in software development, it is not necessary for the purposes of this role.


2 week Boot Camp : July 28 – August 8, 2014
This is a FREE Unpaid 2-week training that will give you valuable entry-level programming skills. Boot camp serves as a two-week long interview from which Top candidates will be employed by Andela.

2 month Immersion Training: August 11 – October 3, 2014
For those selected after Boot Camp there will be a subsequent  two-month immersion training program. A stipend of N81,500/month will be given to participants for the duration of the program. After two months of training you will be qualified to work on global projects with top technology companies and financial institution in Canada and the United States as part of our team.

Long Term Employment: 
At the end of the two month paid training period, employees will be eligible for high-paid continued training and employment with Andela.

Apply Now for the Andela IT Training in Nigeria



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