Apply to become a 2014 TED Fellow.

Application Deadline: June 21 2013

The TED Fellows program is getting ready to choose its new class — so they’re looking for 20 unusual thinkers at work on fascinating ideas to join the program for TED2014 in Vancouver, Canada, March 17-21 2013. TED Fellows not only attend the conference but take part in a slew of pre-conference workshops to amplify their work and careers, including training in public speaking, leading up to a short pre-conference TED Talk.

TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is looking for the next generation of innovators who have demonstrated remarkable accomplishment and outstanding potential to positively affect the world.

The TED Fellows participate in either the TED Conference in Vancouver or the TEDGlobal event in Edinburgh, U.K. In addition to attending the conferences, Fellows will participate in specially designed pre-conference programs with training from the world’s experts in spreading great ideas.


Who should apply
We are looking for an eclectic, heterogeneous group of young thinkers and doers from the fields of technology, entertainment, design, the sciences, engineering, humanities, the arts, economics, business, journalism, entrepreneurship and NGOs.

At TED, we can take risks on unconventional innovators. We value achievement over credentials — making and doing over merely talking.

We are targeting applicants of ages 21-40 from five target regions: Africa, Asia/Pacific, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East. However, anyone over the age 18 from around the world is welcome to apply.

How to apply
To apply to become a TED Fellow, please complete the application form in its entirety. (Before beginning the application, please review our applications tipsand our terms and conditions.)

In addition to basic details and contact information, the application asks applicants to answer essay questions and provide three references. Applications must be received complete and on time to be considered.

Essay questions

– What is your current primary activity? (max. 1500 characters)

– What are you best known for? (max. 1500 characters)

– What other achievements (not only academic) would you like to share?(max. 1500 characters)

– Beyond your work and studies, what are you passionate about? (max. 1500 characters)

– Share an example of something you have been a part of (including created, led, or joined) that you consider unique, even if no one else does. Why do you think it is mould breaking?(max 2250 characters)

– What questions should we have asked, but didn’t? Please write them down and answer them! (in other words, tell us something about yourself that we don’t know yet). (max 2250 characters)

Three references (who know you well and can speak to your passion, dedication and drive)

The application cycles for TED and TEDGlobal are different. Applicants apply to one conference.

The selection process
TED Fellows are selected by the program staff.

Once a year, an international selection committee meets to select the TED Senior Fellows for the following year.

The selection committee is comprised of people who represent the breadth of interest and achievement that makes up the TED community. Committee members bring experiences from various fields and come from countries representing our target regions. Selections are made by the group as a whole, not by individuals.


Apply Now for the 2014 TED Fellowship Programme


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