The African Union (AU) Agenda 2063 Women’s Photojournalism Award 2021 for African Female Journalists. ($USD 2000 cash Prize)


Application Deadline: 15th June 2021 

Pictures have the power to reflect everyday life experiences and are a valuable tool for storytelling. They capture a moment in time in history and also have the power to transport one to faraway places.  The African Union and GIZ have joined forces to launch The Agenda 2063 Africa Photojournalism Project for African Female Journalists. 

The agenda 2063 Africa Photojournalism Project aims to inspire photo journalists from all across the continent to share powerful images telling Africa’s story from an African perspective. The Project also aims to capacitate journalist by providing them with training that will enhance their craft and storytelling ability through the use of imagery.  The Project is in line with Africa’s Development Strategy Agenda 2063 which provides the framework for Africa’s socio-economic growth agenda through the implementation of key projects that will transform the continent into a global powerhouse. Key to this transformation is changing the narratives and stereotypes about Africa and Africans and inculcating the spirit of Pan Africanism as envisioned in Aspiration 5 of Agenda 2063.  The Project is also in line with the African Union Theme for the year 2021 “Art’s Culture and Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa We Work as it aims to tap into the artistic and creative aspects of journalism to portray Africa’s diversity, rich heritage and cultural diversity and the economic development and social transformation of the continent led by Africans.


  1. Professional and amateur photographers are invited to submit their work. Both published and unpublished works are permitted.
  2. Participants must have the nationality of a member state of the African Union, and be at least eighteen years of age.
  3. Only pictures taken in a member state of the African Union are permitted. 
  4. Applicants can submit up to two entries across all categories.
  5. Joint submissions are permitted provided the submitted images are authored by the entrants.
  6. The photographer(s) must be the author(s) of the pictures submitted in his/her/their name, and own the copyright or have been authorized by the copyright holder(s) to submit the pictures.
  7. Submitted images can be as a single picture or as part of a story, or as part of a body of work in long-term projects.
  8. Images must be free of any name or text on the image itself. Instead, a clear caption, in English, must be provided on submission.
  9. No entry fee is payable.
  10. Only entries submitted by 15th May 2021 will be considered.
  11. All entries must be submitted via the official contest form and must comply with the rules and eligibility criteria set. Entries sent in other ways, and/or that do not comply with the rules and eligibility criteria, will not be accepted. 
  12. Any entries that are late, illegible, fraudulent, or which bring/would be likely to bring the reputation of institutions into disrepute will be rendered ineligible to participate in the Awards and will be disqualified.
  13. You will grant African Union, and GIZ unrestricted, unfettered and irrevocable non-exclusive rights in all works submitted for entry into the Awards (or where such rights are owned by a third party, you shall procure that such third party grants such rights), African Union, and/or GIZ to use such works in any way it determines in its sole discretion.
  14. Entries will be judged by a panel of distinguished, independent judges with appropriate knowledge and experience of photography. The panel of judges will be determined by all sponsors in its/their sole discretion and will meet btw May and june 2021.


Submissions are invited under the following categories, guided by aspirations of Agenda 2063:  

  • Category 1– Agriculture, rural environment, land rights and skills development
  • Category 2– Regional economic integration, transport and information infrastructure
  • Category 3– Good governance: Human rights, justice and rule of law
  • Category 4 –Silencing the guns in Africa: Conflict prevention and transformation, mediation 
  • Category 5– Youth and women 
  • Category 6– Democracy and digitalization
  • Category 7– Africa’s young research excellence and innovative solution building 

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the AU Agenda 2063 Women’s Photojournalism Award 2021


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