BMW SA Global Leadership Development Program 2020 for young South Africans

Application Deadline: March 31st 2020

In this 18 month programme you will be responsible for finalising and confirming the Quality Management Training (QMT) maturity level management schedule (component level) with cloverleaf/ Simultaneous Engineering team/CLQ (Commodity Leader Quality). You will provide active participation and preventive quality work in the SE/BE teams (Simultaneous Engineering/ common parts development teams) and in the field at the suppliers’ premises.


In the 18 month Leadership Development Programme:

  •  You will evaluate the process or product change management process; by development,purchasing or supplier in M-gams (Actions- and approved Change Management System, measures and approving change management system) with regard to quality aspects.

  • You will assess the results from pre-development project from a process view point (manufacturability) and if necessary define measures and agree them with development.  Introduce risks and quality requirements into SE team discussions (KPP teams) to help ensure the QMT contribution to concept plausibility validation (KPP).

  • You will be responsible and accountable to ensure that, by means of a robust international communication network, the interests of the relevant BMW Group Development and Quality departments are adequately and effectively represented in BMW SA.

  • You wil evaluate sub-supplier management, identification of critical scopes of sub-suppliers, components and ensuring of validation on the part of the supplier.

  • You will ensure industrialization at supplier’s end with regard to availability of equipment and series production tools (SWZ).

  • You will ensure performance of the PZS (process series, accompanied/unaccompanied)inc. stress test ad ramp-up, validation (HLAS) and final release of the processes (production systems).

  • You will ensure conformity of production (CoP) process acceptance in process series (PZS) and CoP product acceptance in samplling inspection in accordance with requirements specification (LH).

Qualifications and Experience

  • BSc Mechanical/Quality Engineering (and or equivalent) (Master’s degree preferred)

  • At least 1 year of relevant work experience (e.g internships,training, initial professional experience within a technical environment up to a maximum of 2-3 years professional working experience.

  • At least 4 months of relevant experience abroad (e.g studies, practical experience, work and travel.

  • Initiative, personal  accountability, willingness to change, team spirit and self reflection.

  • Readiness for an international career.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the BMW SA Global Leadership Development Program 2020


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