British Council New Narratives Youth Advisory Board for innovative young people (£150 per day)

Application Deadline: 14th December 2020, 10pm GMT

New Narratives is a programme which aims to foster deeper and more meaningful people-to-people engagements between young people across the countries of Africa and the UK, through a suite of digital storytelling and collaboration programmes, in sectors of mutual interest. The programme aims to help contribute to changing reciprocal perceptions between both places in order to stimulate new understanding which will unlock new connections and collaborations for mutual benefit.

Programme Principles
Programme Principles will guide all the thinking and delivery of the programme. The principles will be tested annually and refreshed if needed.

  • Diversity: We will amplify and support narratives that demonstrate the diverse realities across the countries of Africa and the UK prioritising race/ethnicity, gender, social class and language.
  • Mutuality:  Reciprocity and peer to peer engagement among young people will be prioritised in our approach to developing new pilots and other strands of the programme
  • Cocreation: The programme will use a ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ approach and engage, and listen to young people at all stages of the programme
  • Partnerships: Will be at the heart of the delivery model and a range of partnerships –delivery, co-funding, technical partnerships will be explored and secured.

Expected outcomes of the programme (medium – long-term)

•    New knowledge shared between young people in the UK and Africa
•    New connections between young people in the UK and Africa
•    New and diverse content about Africa and the UK
•    Greater collaboration between young people in Africa and the UK with mutual benefit
•    New reciprocal insight and understanding between and about both locations 
The programme is in inception and has so far held consultations, undertaken research and held one of two co-creation labs with 39 young people (academics, artists, activists, technologists and social / creative entrepreneurs) selected from across the countries of Africa and the UK. The young group was brought together to ‘hack’ the problem of singular, outdated narratives between Africa and the UK and prototype solutions that help stimulate more plural and diverse narratives across both locations. Other inception activities including designing an evaluation framework are also in progress.

Eligible Countries

Applicants must be from the following eligible countries:

  • East Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda.
  • Southern Africa: Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
  • North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Lybia, Morocco, Tunisia.
  • United Kingdom: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

West Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone.

Purpose of Advisory Board

The purpose of the Youth Advisory Board is to ensure effective and successful delivery of the New Narratives programme. The board will provide appropriate advice, insight and recommendations on matters relevant to this programme to support and facilitate design and decision-making. The board will consist of young people from the UK, Sub-Saharan Africa, and North Africa, and provides an excellent opportunity for networking, peer-to-peer learning, skills development, etc.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Providing advice support and challenge to the British Council regarding design of the programme and wider British Council approaches to youth engagement, cultural intelligence and sensitivity;
  • Providing insight and intelligence on youth perceptions, interests and needs to ensure the programme remains relevant to and incorporates the voice of the youth;
  • Represent New Narratives externally as required

Expectations of the Advisory Board

  • The Advisory Board will meet with British Council programme board once per quarter from inception;
  • Meetings will take place virtually;
  • The board will provide feedback and recommendations after each meeting;
  • The board will occasionally be requested to engage in internal meetings and external fora, with prior notice;
  • Provide a written report that include recommendations at the end of the year
  • Sit on selection panels for grant awards as part of the programme

The Board will be comprised of a diverse group of people across race, gender and geographical* location:

  • A Chair
  • A secretary of the board
  • Up to 6 members

*Minimum requirements are 2 UK from at least two devolved nations; 1 each from North, South, East and West Africa.
In consultation with the board, the chair may invite externals who are experts in relevant fields to attend all or part of any meeting. The Chair and members have the option of resigning at any time from their position. When a resignation takes place, the Advisory Board can take the decision to replace or not the vacant position. For continuity, the chair will be expected to serve a minimum of 18months – 12 months as the chair, and the following 6 months as a member.

Selection of Youth Advisory Board
The board will be appointed for their knowledge and experience to problem solve, explore options/concepts and strategic direction. The selection will be based on an agreed skills matrix, the candidate’s CV (experience) and motivation letter. Shortlisted candidate will be interviewed by the British Council panel.

Young people (aged 18-35)  

  • Who are influential in their communities as artists, activists, academics, entrepreneurs, influencers or technologists (etc)
  • Who have significant online and offline networks that can be reached with learning and content from the programme; 
  • Who are passionate about creating or deepening international connections and collaboration particularly between the continent of Africa and the UK;  
  • Who have demonstrable experience in leadership and/or advisory roles of programmes or organisations;
  • Who are willing to engage long term with the British Council and Africa-UK New Narratives network; 

All members of the advisory board will be remunerated, at a daily rate of £150 per day, up to 20 days a year. Expenses will be paid as pre-agreed.


Open call goes live
13th November 2020
Deadline for online submissions
14th December 2020, 10pm GMT
Shortlisting process
15th – 21st December 2020
*Shortlisted candidates contacted
23rd December 2020
Interview with shortlisted candidates
6th – 8th January 2021
Final selection of Youth Advisory Board
11th January 2021
Contracting of Board
From 12th January 2021

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the British Council New Narratives Youth Advisory Board



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