2019 Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development – Bonn, Germany.

Application Deadline: January 14th 2019

The Global Festival of Ideas adopts a crowdsourced approach to shape the most impactful program, designed BY the SDG Action community FOR the SDG Action Community.

In order to create a diverse, dynamic and inclusive event for the international SDG community, the UN SDG Action Campaign are calling for sessions, innovations, films, artist contributions and will strive to recognize and celebrate some of the greatest SDG achievements through the UN SDG Action Awards!

Global Festival is co-designed, co-curated and co-owned be each and every Action Partner, whether hosting a session, running a workshop, showcasing a new project, sharing the latest creative endeavours, each active stakeholder in the event will become a much needed and much appreciated Action Partner of the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development.

Interactive sessions

The Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development is looking for SDG leaders to host sessions that highlight the latest thinking, approaches, problem-solving and innovations.

Increase awareness, understanding and building capacity to further SDG action by hosting interactive and engaging formats such as; expert panel discussions, interactive workshops, hands-on learning sessions, world cafes, case study snapshots or policy simulations.

Sessions will be 45 or 90 minutes in length, geared for audiences ranging between 50 – 150 people.

Each session should be clearly designed for targeted groups, with tangible outcomes, all aligned with the core Festival themes

Sessions will represent global voices and perspectives – priority will be given to sessions that ensure No One is Left Behind.

SDG Action Talks

Deliver a TED-style talk, pitch an idea, project or inspiring approach to SDG action


A 10-15 minute TED-style talk that delivers a very human, story-telling style of sharing information.


  • The talk should be prepared as a ‘story’
  • Visual aids should be used pique the interest of the audience in an often thought-provoking or thought-challenging way
  • Content needs to stand alone and offer something new, different, exciting

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2019 Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development


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