Call for Nominations: Global Talent Awards.

Deadline: October 15 2013

Global Forums in cooperation with ExperisUniversumNovaAgentum and Kulturtolk is proud to present the Global Talent Awards. The purpose of the awards is to inspire talents and organizations to be more inclusive, globally minded and interculturally competent. Global Talents are a vital contribution to businesses and organization in a globalized world economy and a multicultural society.


Who is a Global Talent?

Global Talents have:

  • A higher education (Bachelor, Master or PhD – including enrolled students
  • A global competence such as speaking different languages, knowing different cultures, and a global outlook and mindset
  • An ability to build relationships and make connections across cultures

Are you OR someone you know a global talent. Send us your nomination now (until October 15th).

Award categories

Global Talent Categories:

  • You’re a Professional Global Talent if you have a minimum 1 year of relevant work experience. | powered by Experis
  • You’re a Youth Global Talent if you’re a student or you have up to 1 year of employment | powered by NovaAgentum

Global Talent Employer Categories:

  • Most Attractive Global Talent Employer – are you? | powered by Universum
  • Most Inclusive Global Talent Employer – are you? | powered by Kulturtolk


How do you nominate a Global Talent or a Global Company? 

For Global Talents:

  • Write us a short text to let us know why you or your nominee is a Global Talent.

Do you want to increase your chances?

  • Make a video! Turn on your camera and make a short 1 min video explaining us why you’re a Global Talent. Remember you can win 10 000 NOK

For Global Companies – Pass on this link to your employees, make a group video or simply explain us in words what makes your company the Most Attractive Global Employer or the Most Inclusive Global Employer!

Deadline for nominations: OCTOBER 15, 2013!

How do we find out the winners?

We will start the online voting process on October 16 and close it on October 31. It will then be in the hands of our Global Jury. The Global Talent Awards ceremony will take place November 11 in the Oslo Concert Hall as part of the Global Talent Career Fair (sign up here).

What are the prizes?

Global Talents Individuals win fame, glory and 10 000 NOK.

Global Talent Employers win the honour and a symbolic prize.

Let the nominations begin!

Click here to read the Official Guidelines of the Global Talent Awards Competition.





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