Energy Change Lab 2018 Arusha’s First Energy Safari – Call for Application for Tanzanians #EnergySafari 2018

Join Arusha’s First Energy Safari – Call for Application

Application Deadline: January 5th 2018

Safari dates: 29th January – 2nd February 2018

Tanzania’s energy sector is going through a rapid transition. There are promising developments in energy financing, policy, and entrepreneurship. But as we often see, change can be slow and fragmented. Why is this so? What can Tanzanian entrepreneurs and citizens do to accelerate change? How can we strengthen an ecosystem of innovation in Tanzania’s energy sector?

Young people, when working together in multidisciplinary teams, have the potential to come up with innovative solutions, and the unique drive to make this happen.

Therefore, the Energy Change Lab (a programme of Hivos and IIED) is inviting a mixed group of young students from varied backgrounds, entrepreneurs, artists and engineers (age 18-35) for an Energy Safari in Arusha and surrounding rural areas. An Energy Safari is an intense 5-day learning experience to explore and experience the main challenges around energy issues and rural productivity, and to work together on new potential solutions.


In Swahili, ‘safari’ means ‘journey’. Five days is not exactly a long journey, but it might feel like that when you see where you will start and where you end up at the end of the week. The Safari will take place from 29th January to 2nd February 2018.

  • Participants from a range of backgrounds, age 18-35
  • The program will bring together software developers with engineers, entrepreneurs, political scientists, social scientists, activists and more.


  • Greater awareness and knowledge of complex energy problems coupled with issues of rural development;
  • Potential solutions or steps towards solutions;
  • Increased problem-solving capabilities and skills;
  • Understanding how to apply methods and solutions to your own work or study context;
  • A growing community of social innovators; build new connections and relationships.


  • Participation in the Safari is free of charge: food, drinks, accommodation and local transport are covered. This means however that the organizers expect full participation and full presence.

For any questions regarding practical/logistical matters of the programme, email Basil Malaki at [email protected]

For information or questions about the content of the Energy Safari, please contact Nuria Mshare at [email protected]

Answer a set of questions on this Google form. Out of all applications, the organizers will select 25-30 participants. Apart from assessing your motivation, we will balance applications by gender and background.

Apply here:  #EnergySafari 2018

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2018 Arusha’s First Energy Safari


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