Femme Politics – Incubator Program 2020 for young African women Leaders.

Femme Politics is a social action project that empowers young African women leaders. Our incubator program is a collaborative program designed to help young African women leaders succeed. Together with our partners, we accelerate the growth and development of young African women leaders by funding and supporting the activities of African women breaking new grounds in business, the non-profit sector and/or politics.

Are you a young African women starting a new business? Do you need a mentor? Funds to grow your business? Or to fulfil a legal/regulatory requirement? Do you need funding for the application fee to run for an electoral position? Help with branding your non-profit organisation? Femme Politics is here to help. The key requirement is that the area of business/non-profit/politics you are working in is one that women are typically underrepresented in. Femme Politics will either provide the funds required or match you with a professional or organisation that will provide the services needed.


  • Training and Mentorship: To help young African women leaders develop world class solutions, organisations and policies.
  • Social Impact: To contribute to the growth of young women leaders on the continent.
  • Gender Equality: To promote gender equality on the continent.

Accepted cohorts will have access to the following benefits:

  • Access to Funding: Grants will be provided as needed to fund the activities of participants accepted into the program.
  • Access to Professional Services: Professional services from an assigned professional or organisation to help provide specialised services, including branding, public relations, campaign management
  • Access to Advisory Services: Advisory and mentorship from an assigned experienced entrepreneur, leader or social impact specialist to help provide in-depth and personalised advice.


  • African women aged 18-29 living in African or in the diaspora
  • Working in an area of business/non-profit/politics typically underrepresented by women

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Femme Politics – Incubator Program 2020



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