French Civil Society Support Fund in Sudan (FASCS) for Local Civil Society in Sudan

Application Deadline: September 10th 2015

The French Embassy is opening a second call for proposals for the year 2016-2017 for the French Civil Society Support Fund in Sudan.

Advocating for Human rights protection. Promoting women’s rights and women’s participation.
Addressing gender-based discriminations

Set up by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Social Fund for Development, implemented in Sudan since 2002, has evolved to become in 2014 the “Civil society support fund”.
This new fund is aimed at empowering civil society’s organizations by a two-track approach which consists in:

  • A direct support to projects which promote human rights and more specifically the rights and the role of women in Sudanese society and the fight against gender discrimination.
  • The provision of capacity-building support through targeted trainings and workshops.

For the 2016-2017, the French Embassy will give priorities to local NGO’s working on issues of prevention, protection, and response to gender-based violence (GBV).
Proposals might include among others:

  • Developing prevention and protection measures and mechanisms for vulnerable women subject to violence
  • Providing direct services to victims of GBV (access to justice, legal aid, psychosocial support, medical and health services).
  • Providing capacity-building support to service providers working to address GBV.
  • Advocating for legal reform and/or the implementation of current legislation to address structural causes of the different forms of GBV.
  • Supporting the creation of thematic networks to enhance coordination and efficiency of actors working to address GBV.
  • Engaging different actors who have a critical but untapped role to address GBV (religious leaders, students unions, media, medical personnel etc.).
  • Developing targeted strategies to address GBV of especially excluded and underserved groups of women.


  • Officially registered Sudanese civil society organizations (associations, NGOs, CBOs, associations’ network, self-help organizations, etc.)


  • The projects funded cannot include religious or political activities of any type, nor favour any community on the basis of religious, political, or ethnic criteria.
  • The duration of the project should be of a minimum of 12 months and should not exceed 24 months.
  • The expected nominal requested amount of the grant should be around 10 000 to 30 000 euros, even though lower or greater budget could be considered.
  • The beneficiaries are expected to contribute at least to 20% of the total cost of the project. This participation can take the form of financial contribution and/or provision of human resources, land, premises, equipment or materials in kind.
  • Projects are likely to be co-funded by other donors, but this extra contribution may not replace the mandatory contribution of the applicant.

Selection Process:

The concept note should be filled in French or English and sent to the Humanitarian and Civil Society Project Officer of the French Embassy as soon as possible and before Thursday 10th September 2015, at midnight the latest: [email protected]
or in hard copy addressed in an envelope to:
Humanitarian and Civil Society Project Officer
SCAC- French Embassy to Sudan
Street 13 – Amarat


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