Government of Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme 2017/2018 (12 Month ICT Program for Kenyan Graduates).

Application Deadline: November 10th 2017

The Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP) is a collaboration between the public and private sectors that takes fresh and qualified ICT graduates through an internship programme designed to build their ICT capabilities, ready for the ICT market.

DigiTalent is the brand name for the Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP), an internship programme that develops the ICT talent pool in Kenya through a collaboration between the public and private sectors. It is a partnership between government, public and private sector stakeholders and is to be implemented by the Ministry of Information Communications and Technology (MoICT) through the ICT Authority (ICTA).

It is borne out of the need for government to enhance its capacity to use ICT in effective public service delivery.  It also provides a training ground for potential employees and an affordable labour pool of freshly qualified individuals in government offices. Targeting recent graduates, PDTP offers participants an opportunity to understand government services, and provides them with a chance to contribute towards improving service delivery to Kenyan citizens.

PDTP focuses on two key aspects:

  1. Leadership development to develop ICT leaders in government management staff by entrenching them with ICT business principles to effectively run ICT structures.
  2. ICT technical capacity development by training freshly qualified graduates through an internship programme to develop a ready and affordable pool of ICT talent for government.

Eligibility Requirements:

In order to be considered for PDTP, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Nationality: Kenyan
  2. Level of Education: graduated from any accredited and chartered university in the last two (2) years of the application
  3. Qualification: must have graduated with a First Class or Second Upper degree
  4. Field of study:
    • a BSc in Electrical Engineering degree programs and their equivalents (e.g., Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering or Telecommunications Engineering)
    • Computer Science or equivalent degree programs (e.g. Computer Science, Applied Computer Science, Mathematics and Computer Science),Information Systems and Information Technology degree programs (e.g. Information systems, Information Technology and Computer Technology)
    • have a core focus in Business Applications and Business Process Improvement (including Database Management Systems, Web and Systems Administration), Networks and Infrastructure, ICT Security and Project Management.

PDTP is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Increased youth employability
  • Improved Public/Private sector collaboration
  • Accelerated economic impact through ICT effectiveness
  • Enhanced service delivery by leveraging on ICT
  • Support ICTA’s contribution to GDP projected to be 8% of GDP by 2017 as outlined in the ICT Masterplan.

Programme Activities Schedule

The graduates who are chosen to be part of PDTP will participate in a 12 month internship programme working in different areas. 10 months of the programme will be in government ministries, while 2 months will be in the private sector.  The schedule is divided into 4 quarters with specific activities for each period.

Awards and Certificate

The interns that meet all the requirements of the 12 month programme graduate and receive a Presidential Award and a Certificate from Kenya School of Government.

Innovation Award

An Award is also presented to the intern or group of interns that have the best and easy-to-implement innovation

Application Process

PDTP aims to provide an opportunity for on the job training to enhance capacity and employability of interns for a better professional future in ICT. The following steps describe the process towards being part of PDTP:

Step 1: Look out for the call for applications for the next group of PDTP trainees on

Step 2: Make an application and submit before the given deadline

Step 3: If shortlisted, attend the application interview and if the panel is impressed, then you are chosen to be one of the trainees

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Government of Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme 2017 


  1. Will the government be paying the trainees money for upkeep and productive services they do since these graduates have already undergone lengthy university course and are adults, some with families?

  2. […] Digitalent is a strategic intervention by ICT Authority on behalf of the Ministry of Information Communication Technology to develop and sustain high end ICT talent by removing gaps between industry requirements and the capabilities of the local workforce. This is in line with the National ICT master plan which underscores the need to develop a critical mass of high-end ICT skills and to develop an ICT ready workforce to meet the needs of the industry. The programme has trained over 900 ICT graduates. This call for applications is the fourth round and aims to on-board 400 recent ICT graduates. […]


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