Government of Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme (I2 Month ICT Program for Kenyan Graduates).


Application Deadline: Ongoing

The Presidential Digital Talent Programme has been created with the aim of transforming the manner in which ICT is utilized for efficient and effective service delivery. It is a partnership between Government, Public and Private sector stakeholders which is to be implemented by the Ministry of Information Communications and Technology (MoICT) through the ICT Authority (ICTA).

The Presidential Digital Talent Programme is in line with the country’s Vision 2030, the Jubilee Manifesto and the ICT Master Plan developed by the ICT Authority. The internship programme will offer participants an opportunity to understand government services, and provide them with a chance to contribute towards improving service delivery to Kenyan citizens. It is a transformative initiative that should see ICT managed as a business in government.

The program targets fresh university graduates from both private and public institutions offering them an opportunity for a full year of on-the-job training in the private sector and public service.

The second edition of the programme targets 400 graduates with  keen emphasis on catering for the county governments.

The Presidential Digital Talent Program (PDTP) is designed to build and entrench ICT capacity within the Kenyan Government to ensure ICT effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery.

The PDTP initiative will focus on two key aspects:

  1. Leadership: developing CIO-type leaders in Government by entrenching them with a ICT business principles for the management of ICT structures. (NB: will be executed through the ICT Authority.)
  2. Internship: training freshly qualified graduates through an internship program.

Programme Details

  • The programme aims to provide an opportunity for on the job training to enhance capacity and employability of interns for a better professional future.
  • The technical intern will be part of a team of exceptional people who transform and accelerate adoption and increase productive use of technologies for service delivery.
  • This initiative will see top 100 interns offered an opportunity to further their skills in Government Ministries.
  • The interns will be required to deploy and maintain complex information systems and network infrastructures envisaged in public service

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Government of Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme



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