HiiL’s Family Justice Innovation Challenge 2016 ( 80.000EUR Prize)

Application Deadline: June 30th 2016

HiiL’s Family Justice Challenge, launched in 2016, promotes justice solutions that empower and strengthen individuals and family units.

The challenge process includes shortlisting, online campaigning, wildcard-selection, crowdfunding and pitching in front of an international audience. The winners of the challenge will receive acceleration support and an investment of up to 80.000EUR in total. The Family Justice Challenge 2016 runs from April to December 2016.


  • Family Justice Challenge is to welcome innovations that provide access to justice to people, especially in Africa and the Middle East dealing with transitions and problems within the family.
  • Some of the legal needs within the family include marriage- and separation procedures, inheritance, child rights and -protection, land and property rights, dispute resolution between family members, adoption procedures and domestic violence.

For this year, HiiL particularly encourage applications from Ukraine, Uganda, Jordan, Kenya, Turkey, Tunisia and Ethiopia.

Examples of innovations HiiL seek include, but are not limited to:

  • Solutions that manage ownership, registration, division and transfer of property, heritage or land between relatives

  • Organizing procedures for marriage, separation and divorce, ensuring high quality and well informed decision making, as well as adequate judicial intervention, and protecting children during these processes.

  • Tools for enabling parents or relatives to maintain a child custody relationship at peace in regard to child support, visitations, document and files sharing, communication

  • Resolution and mediation processes that solve disputes between family members, in and outside family courts, or connected to them

  • New approaches for to the timely detection, protection and prevention of domestic violence

  • Innovative mechanisms for efficient registration of child births, marriages and deceased relatives

  • Legal guidance and expert support in respect to adoption

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For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the HiiL’s Family Justice Innovation Challenge 2016



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