Kaduna State Government Kashim Ibrahim Fellows Programme 2018 for young Nigerians (Fully Funded)

Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship 2018

Application Deadline: March 20th 2018

Kaduna State Government is set to introduce its inaugural class of the KashimIbrahim Fellows Programme commencing in June, 2018. Theprogramme’s objective is to develop and nurture leadership ability across Nigeria, with specific focus on the promising leaders of the future. The one-year programme aims to create a network of high potential young Nigerians who are expected to rise to top leadership positions in the public sector and other spheres of activity over the next decade.


  • Diversity: The programme will admit sixteen (16) Fellows representing diverse ethnic, religious, and gender backgrounds, with varied educational, economic, and geographic experiences; working from all angles and with different perspectives to strengthen their communities and civic life.
  • An established record of integrity and exemplary achievement.
  • Commitment to engaging in crucial issues and to making a difference at the national or international level.
  • Promise of a future career of leadership and notable impact.
  • Special capacity for critical, creative, entrepreneurial, and strategic thinking.
  • Commitment to a rigorous programme of activities, to full-time residence in Kaduna for the entire duration of the programme.
  • Fellowships are available for individuals who are working to solve important public problems in creative and powerful ways.
  • Proficiency in English: Fellows must be fluent in spoken and written English as all programmes will be conducted in English.
  • Applicants must be Nigerian citizens between 25 to 35 years of age.
  • Applicants must be graduates of a recognised university, and must have completed the mandatory national youth service.

The Kashim Ibrahim Fellows Programme comprises of four components, namely;

  1. Work Placement

Engagement in the work of Kaduna State Government lies at the heart of a Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship. Work assignments can offer unparalleled experience working with senior administration officials on ever changing issues and challenges. Fellows will spend a year as full-time, paid assistants to senior Government House Staff, Cabinet members and other top-ranking government officials in State Departments and Agencies.

  1. Job Assignments: Fellows responsibilities would range from supporting public service delivery, interagency meetings and designing and implementing state government policies, to drafting speeches for government principals to representing their agencies outside Kaduna State. Fellows’ assignments demand a capacity for quick learning and a willingness to work hard, often on issues outside of their area of expertise.

Job assignments in consultation with heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) on the basis of interviews conducted during “Placement Week”.

  1. Remuneration: Fellows will receive salary and benefits equivalent to that of a Special Assistant to the Governor from the Ministry, Department or Agency for which they work. Kashim Ibrahim Fellows cannot receive compensation from any other source during their year of government service. Additionally, accommodation will be provided throughout the course of the programme.
  1. Education Programme

The mandatory Education Programme serves as an important aspect of the Fellowship as it is intended to augment and enhance the work placement experience. Fellows are expected to fully undertake the Education Programme which would include speaker series, domestic policy trips, an international policy trip and Aspen Institute style quarterly seminars. During this process, a balance is maintained between personal development, self-reflection and the Nigerian context of leadership. The values and ethics of leadership also form a major component of the learning experience.

The Education Programme increases the Fellows’ exposure to renowned leaders from the public and private sectors. Each class will meet with notable global individuals who will improve and enrich their understanding and experience of public service. These sessions generally take place during the week, and are off-the-record, lively and frank.

  1. Community Service

Community service is a key component of the Kashim Ibrahim Fellows Programme. Fellows have a strong legacy of service to their communities and participate in community service projects throughout their year in Kaduna Metropolis. Fellows will be expected to pursue projects to assist the urban poor with solid waste management and recycling system, volunteer teaching, mentoring secondary school students, assisting Nigerian Legion members, or participating in the clean-up of local schools.

  1. Fellowship

Perhaps the most enriching component of the programme is class fellowship, which often results in enduring friendships and collaborative ventures. Alumni will convene at yearly meetings in Kaduna hosted by the Governor, to eagerly welcome new Fellows into what we hope would be one of the most prestigious networks of professionals and leaders in the state and our nation.

Application Procedure:

  • Please note that application for admission to the Kashim Ibrahim Fellows Programme is entirely an online process. There are no paper forms to complete or mail.
  • There is no application fee or any cost to apply.
  • Prior to the deadline of 20th March 2018, you may work on your application at any time and submit it when you are ready. After creating an account and accessing the online application, you can upload materials and request your letters of recommendation.
  • Applicants are required to submit a Résumé/Curriculum Vitae (maximum 3 pages), two letters of recommendation and an essay on the change and leadership in Nigeria (maximum 1000 words).
  • The most important criterion is to have a real commitment to put your new leadership skills into use to benefit your community, State and Nigeria upon the successful completion of the programme.

Compensation Package

  • A salary and benefits equivalent to that of Special Assistant to the Governor from the Ministry, Department or Agency for which Fellows work.
  • Accommodation in a nicely furnished one-bedroom apartment for the duration of the programme, and breakfast

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Kashim Ibrahim Fellows Programme


  1. I am sincerely grateful and appreciative of this kind and wonderful gesture towards grooming and preparing the youths for future task of providing good and quality leadership for our dear country Nigeria.

    However, my only concern is with the qualification which has to largely do with the academic angle. My concern therefore, is why it “MUST” be for university graduates alone. Even when we are well aware that our current president Muhammadu Buhari, who is providing the needed and required leadership in Nigeria today was never a graduate of any university even though he is performing better than some certified PhD holders we’ve had in this country overtime.

    Nevertheless, even the constitution and it’s farmers who recognized the acquisition of sound knowledge and wisdom for credible and successful life of one and leadership, outside the four walls of an established university, pegged the qualification for our elective offices with the basic requirement of WAEC and it’s equivalent which our current president has and is performing creditably well for those patriots who wants to be truthful and understanding leadership, while reasoning beyond the present with some visionary mindsets.

    Meanwhile, there are some of us who were not opportuned to go through university education at early stage of life owing to poor family background even though, we did not allow same background circumstances to put our back on the ground. Hence, we studied on the platform of life hard lessons and establishing ourselves taking care of our responsibilities and engaging other form of learnings/education, while also furthering our university education though, later in life.

    I will appeal that consideration is giving in this regard so that some of us with the right creative mindset could be accommodated into the system so we can bring our own innovation and leadership qualities to bear in making our society a better place that we all desire.

    Thanks to whom it may concern as I hope to be selected even though I am still an undergraduate but will go right ahead to apply while waiting, preparing and hoping for the best.

    Best Regards!


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