Lucas Dolega Award 2017 for Freelance Photographers ( 10.000 Euros Prize)

Application Deadline: October 30th 2016

The Lucas Dolega Award is open to all professional freelance photographers, without age or country restrictions. The participation is free.
Participants will have to present a report on the coverage of any event relevant to the defense of freedoms and democracy, a conflict (civil or military wars, riots, attacks or public demonstrations…), a revolution, a natural or sanitary disaster, and/or their consequences on civil populations.


  • The competition is open exclusively to professional freelance photographers of all nationalities, without age restrictions.
  • The term freelance is defined as a non-staff photographer, i.e. a photographer who does not work full time and exclusively for a press organization.


  • The Lucas Dolega Award will reward a photographer with a endowment by Olympus of 10.000 Euros, an exhibition in Paris, and a publication in the Reporters without borders album.

The award ceremony will take place at the Mairie de Paris, in january 2017.

Entries can be sent via Internet and are to fulfill the following elements:
A digitalized version of :

  • The completed entry form signed by the participant. Entry forms are available on the internet:
  • The executed copy of the present terms and conditions;
  • A biography including the entrant’s address, telephone number and email address (text form) and portrait ;
  • A text in either French or English that introduces the reportage (between 10 and 20 lines long) (text form) ;
  • A selection of between 10 and 20 photos in .jpg 300 DPI form (max 3Mb per photo) including basic IPTC information such as:
    o Caption (who, what, where, when, why),
    o Date
    o Country
    o Name of photographer
    o Credit
    IMPORTANT : The photos must be renamed in the following manner : SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_PHOTONUMBER (01, 02, 03…20) e.g.: SMITH_JOHN_01.JPG )

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Lucas Dolega Award 2017 for Freelance Photographers


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