Middle East & Africa Shared History Research Program 2021 for MENA Researchers.

Middle East & Africa Shared History Research Program

Application Deadline:27th February 2021

Middle East & Africa Shared History Research Program aims to increase historical researches regarding common historical, cultural, social, political and economic life in the Middle East and Africa, to enhance the common historical perception, to encourage the utilization of Ottoman archives, and to increase the number of academicians and researchers who can carry out these studies in Turkish and Ottoman Turkish languages.


Middle East & Africa Shared History Research Program consists of two phases. It offers, in the first phase, online Turkish courses from A1 to C1 level (10 months) and Ottoman Turkish courses (6 months). In the second phase, it is planned to organize a program, including a short term Ottoman Turkish specialization training at certain font types regarding participants’ research topics and the promotion of Turkish archives, for those who complete Turkish language education successfully.

Eligible Countries:

Applications are open to all Middle Eastern and African Countries.

Application Conditions:

•Must be a citizen of one of the eligible countries

•Must be an academician in the field of history or a public official or a historian-researcher serves in institutions in charge of archive studies

•Must be working in a university / research center and having at least a master’s degree in history or Ottoman History departments

• For public employees working in institutions responsible for archive studies, must have worked at the relevant institutions for at least 3 years and preferably have a master’s / doctoral degree

•Must have preferably at least one academic study in the field of Ottoman History / Archives.

•Must have no obstacle to travel (For the specialization stage of Ottoman Turkish education that will be held in Turkey in the second phase of the program)

•Must be under the age of 45

Required Documents for Application

•Application form (basvuru.ytb.gov.tr)

•Joint declaration, in the field of determinated research topic, taken from a Turkish academician (optional)

•Detailed curriculum vitae including previous academic studies

•A working paper taken from their universities for academics and their institutions for public officials. (only approved English translation)

P.S: Before the Turkey phase of the program, applicants will be demanded to submit official permission document approved by their institutions to attend the program.

The extent of the program:

• 10 months online Turkish language education free of charge

• 6 months online Ottoman Turkish language education free of charge (after completing B1 level in Turkish language)

• Round trip travel expenses (in the Turkey phase)

• Accommodation (in the Turkey phase)

• Archives and public institutions visits (in the Turkey phase)

• Social and cultural activities (in the Turkey phase)

Date of Application: 27th January 2021 – 27th February 2021

For detailed information:    Application Guide  ENG  ARABIC                           

Contact Info: [email protected]

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Middle East & Africa Shared History Research Program



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