Mo Ibrahim Snapping in the Cities Photography competition

Mo Ibrahim Foundation Snapping in the Cities Photo Competition 2014

Submission Deadline: October 10 2014

Snapping Cities is an opportunity for photographers of all abilities and ages, to capture through their own lenses, urban life in Africa. The Mo Ibrahim Foundation (MIF) is seeking images that capture inspiring ways of tackling urban challenges in African cities. This may be modern innovation or a basic adaptation of day-to-day life. The theme is open to your personal interpretation but we’re looking for beautiful, inspiring and original photographs. A selection of the best photographs will be displayed at the 2014 Ibrahim Forum on African Cities in Accra, Ghana, in November, with prizes for the top three entries.


will   be   selected
for   the   top   three   prizes:
first   prize   of
$500,   second   prize   of
$200   and   third   prize   of


  • Winners will       be       selected     for       the       top       three       prizes:     first       prize       of     US $500,       second       prize       of

US$200       and       third       prize       of     US $100.

  • A selection of the best photographs will be displayed in an exhibition at the 2014 Ibrahim forum in Accra, Ghana, in November
  • Selected entries will also be displayed on the MIF website
  • All photographs must be submitted by 5pm on 10 October 2014
  • Entries will be judged by the MIF secretariat


  • To submit an entry,      visit­‐cities
  • upload      your      photo and      fill      out      the      online      form     with      the      following      details:
  • your      full      name and      country      of      residence;
  • the      name      of      the      African      city      in      which      the      photograph was      taken;
  • a  short      paragraph      describing      the photograph and  how      it      relates      to      the   brief of      the      competition;
  • information      on      whether      the  photograph was      taken      on      a      camera      or      a      phone, or      other      device;
  • your      social      media handles,      if      possible      (Facebook,      Twitter      etc).
  • All      photographs  must be      submitted      by      5pm      on      10      October      2014.
  • Entries      will      be      judged      by      the      MIF      secretariat


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the  Mo Ibrahim Foundation  Snapping in the Cities Photo Competition


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