Moremi Initiative announces the 2015 MILEAD (Moremi Initiative Leadership and Empowerment Development) Fellows.

Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa proudly announces the 2015 MILEAD (Moremi Initiative Leadership and Empowerment Development) Fellows.

This new cohort of MILEAD Fellows represents Africa’s most promising young women leaders with the courage and commitment to lead and shape the future of Africa. The Fellows were chosen through a highly competitive selection process and criteria based on their outstanding leadership promise, community service accomplishments, and commitment to the advancement of women in Africa.

The 2015 MILEAD Fellows represent a truly Pan-African diversity. Representing twenty-four African countries and the Diaspora, the 2015 Fellows bring highly diverse socio-political backgrounds combined with multi-disciplinary academic and professional experiences and aspirations. The Fellows are between the ages of 19 and 25, but are already actively leading change on pertinent issues at all levels- from entrepreneurship, economic justice and women’s health, to political participation, innovations in environmental and gender justice.

They are a new generation of African women leaders ready to provide the bold and inspirational leadership needed to lift Africa to its rightful place on a global stage.

Here are the honoured 2015 MILEAD Fellows:


Ms. Refilwe Kerekang [Botswana]                            Ms. Véronique A. Tonoukouen [Benin]

Ms. Erica Matasi Gateka [Burundi]               Ms. Monique Tangah Kwachou  [Cameroon]

Ms. Betel Bekele Birhanu [Ethiopia]                                     Ms. Haddy Jonga [The Gambia]

Ms. Baaba Gyakyewa Jackson [Ghana]                    Ms. Edem Doreen  Asimadu  [Ghana]

Ms. Stephanie Musho Agengo [Kenya]                                       Ms. Marriam Lally [Malawi]

Ms. Haenneah Farwenee [Mozambique/ Liberia]                 Ms. Agaichatou Dicko [Mali]

Ms. Chilera Chifundo [Malawi]                                    Ms. Mary Temiloluwa Ajayi [Nigeria]

Ms. Zeinabou Moussa  Kaka [Niger]                        Ms. Davephine Tholley [Sierra Leone]

Ms. Elizabeth Achu Jervase [South Sudan]                        Ms. Denyse Uwineza [Rwanda]

Ms. Canthar May Ntuli [South Africa]                                           Ms. Rowan Faisal  [Sudan]

Ms. Dorothy Mrema  [Tanzania]                                        Ms. Winnie Nansumba  [Uganda]

Ms. Bumba Malambo [Zambia]                     Ms. Florence Takaendesa [USA/Zimbabwe]

Ms. Monica Habia- [Diaspora/USA]                                                 Ms. Vera Addo [Ghana]

Ms. Mary C. Namagambe [Denmark/ Uganda]

“These young exceptional leaders, no doubt represent the face of Africa’s promise. At their age, these MILEAD Fellows have already demonstrated the will and capacity to use their personality and abilities to inspire their peers and communities as a whole in pursuit of excellence in their endeavors.  They have shown us all through hard work, commitment and creativity, the power of individuals to seek the betterment of society and shape the future of Africa in the world…”

– by MILEAD Selection Committee

Source: MILEAD Blog


  1. I am just asking myself if people are really selected for all the opportunities posted on this website. I have been applying for quite some time now and I believe I have a good profile but I do not understand why all the applications are not positive. If we are not given a chance to take part in seminars or conferences in order to acquire knowledge and skills how do you expect us to be great leaders?


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