Natural Resource Governance Institute 2018 Media for Oil Reform Fellowship for Nigerian Journalists.

Application Deadline: 15 May 2018

The Nigeria program of the Natural Resource Governance Institute is accepting applications for its 2018 Media for Oil Reform (MFOR) Fellowship.

The MFOR Fellowship is uniquely designed to support senior or mid-career journalists to deepen their mastery of oil and gas reporting through a tailored professional capacity development program over a period of one year. Fellows will have the opportunity to engage in a range of formal and informal learning opportunities, including financial and technical support for the creation of extractives stories, attendance at international media events and participation in regional international extractive industries events.

Although fellows may produce a range of stories during the term of the fellowship, NRGI expects that each fellow will produce a number of significant stories in three core areas:

  • Transparency and accountability in oil and gas sector governance
  • Governance of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  • Improving the management of licensing and contracting processes

Eligibility criteria

Successful applicants will demonstrate self-drive, proactive engagement and the ability to follow through on commitments and to complete the program with minimal supervision. Fellows must also have:

  • Up to four years of continuous journalism experience
  • Proven record of reporting on oil and gas topics
  • Advanced journalism skills including the ability to apply more sophisticated journalism techniques
  • Newsroom leadership potential
  • Willingness and ability to commit to the demands of the fellowship
  • Explicit support from their media organization to pursue all aspects of this fellowship or demonstrated relationships with media houses if a freelancer

Fellowship obligations

Subject to final agreement with the fellows, NRGI anticipates fellows will be expected to:

  • Produce at least three (3) in-depth reporting projects on one or more of the three core areas
  • Participate in all the fellowship’s mentoring and related capacity development offerings, including seminars and courses
  • Work closely with the fellowship advisor and NRGI staff, meet agreed timelines for producing all agreed fellowship outputs
  • Document their experience on the fellowship, including at NRGI-sponsored meetings, for submission to, and use by, NRGI

Fellowship benefits

Subject to final agreement with the fellows, NRGI anticipates offering fellows benefits such as:

  • Full sponsorship to fellows to participate in an international journalism conference/course
  • Full sponsorship to fellows to participate in one NRGI regional course cum exchange meeting
  • Financial support of up to USD 3,000 to complete reporting projects over the course of the fellowship
  • Access to mentoring by a senior (journalism) advisor and technical support by NRGI experts
  • Participation in NRGI seminars/workshops on sector topics and or journalism topics of interest

How to apply

  • Interested candidates must complete the online application form by 15 May 2018. In support of the application, they would be required to submit:
  • Links to three previously-published stories, in any format, that address the oil and gas sector in Nigeria
  • A statement of purpose explaining why they are applying for the fellowship
  • A statement, no longer than 500 words, describing their interest in and/or experience reporting the priority reform topics of the fellowship
  • A signed consent note from an editor/supervisor and/or employer confirming they will be given support and time to fulfill the requirements of the fellowship
  • A one-page CV or resume

Shortlisted candidates will be further required to submit detailed plans for three major reporting projects related to the three core areas, and further discuss their application with NRGI staff and an external advisor prior to being selected for the fellowship.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted by 30 May 2018. Interviews for shortlisted candidates will hold shortly afterward and the fellowship program begins in July 2018

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the NRGI 2018 Media for Oil Reform Fellowship


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