Scholarships for ACP policymakers for the Boulder Microfinance Training Programme, Italy (tuition expenses)

The Boulder Microfinance Training Programme

Application Deadline:  April 28th, 2014.

The ACP EU Microfinance Programme offers a limited number of scholarships for ACP policymakers, including public agency staff of central banks, ministries, supervisory bodies, etc. 

With the 20th Anniversary of the Boulder Microfinance Training Programme comes the last round of scholarships offered by ACP/EU MICROFINANCE to Policymakers from ACP countries.

The scholarships, worth USD 4,500, will cover tuition expenses but will not cover the accommodation or travel expenses.



  • Eligible candidates are high-level officials from ACP countries who make, or implement, policies that impact access to finance. This includes senior staff of Central Banks, Supervisory/Regulatory bodies and Ministries of Finance,
  • Candidates need to demonstrate that they can cover their own travel, accommodation costs and per diem,
  • Candidates must be proficient in English or French.

The Boulder Microfinance Training Programme will take place at the ITC ILO in Turin, Italy, from July 7th to July 25th, 2014.

The ACP EU Microfinance Programme will individually contact the candidates to confirm their selection as ACP EU scholars, once the selection is finalised. 

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of  The ACP EU Microfinance Programme 


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