Sign the Petition: Do Agric Africa ( Campaign to promote Agriculture in Africa). is spearheading a campaign called “Do Agric, It Pays“which aims at pushing African leaders to adopt better policies that will help revolutionize and modernize African agriculture to make it more prosperous for both citizens and nations.

Africa’s smallholder farmers are the people that feed us, but often struggle to feed themselves. They are the people most connected to our land and animals, but can lack the resources to make them thrive. They have been ignored by our leaders for too long.


Investing in agriculture pays. It could help lift 85 million people out of extreme poverty by 2024, provide jobs, and boost the continent’s economy. Africa doesn’t just have the potential to feed itself – it has the potential to help feed the world.

70% of African workers already earn a living from agriculture. Better irrigation, farming equipment, storage, market access, and women’s land rights could mean brighter futures for millions.


In 2003, African leaders pledged to invest more in agriculture – eight of them did, but 46 have not kept their promises. 2014 is the African Union Year of Agriculture, so let’s come together and tell them to act.


It’s time to DO AGRIC, it pays.

We can grow millions of jobs, feed Africa and create a better future if you keep your promises to invest in agriculture and support smallholder farmers, especially women.


Sign the petition and download the song Cocoa Na Chocolate featuring D’Banj and some of Africa’s biggest stars for FREE

For More:

Visit the Official Webpage of the One Campaign Do Agric Initiative



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