Sweat Your Assets Programme 2016 for Young Nigerians.

Application Deadline:  17th of June, 2016.

There’s a math equation gone horribly wrong; tertiary education, skills development and
jobs in Nigeria isn’t adding up anymore. Young people are getting too old waiting;waiting for jobs, a chance at life and waiting for adulthood (waithood). The most important marker of adulthood is the ability to earn living wages. Professional certifications and diplomas are a must have but have they really solved this waithood problem?

There is a strong connection between waithood and restricted futures of youths in Nigeria. The ability of young people to work and provide for themselves and others defines their self-worth and position both in their families and communities. Unfortunately, this sense of dignity will remain unattainable by the majority of young people in Nigeria.

The Sweat Your Assets Programme is a 5 year intervention plan to help the underemployed, unemployed and unemployable young Nigerians in the dilemma of
waithood attain the economic autonomy that will allow them to partake in responsibilities
that defines adulthood. This need to help young people manage the transition from waithood to adulthood comes straight out of the statistics:

The number of youths that make up the population of Nigeria is estimated to be 64 million (Nigeria’s population currently stands at 170 million). 54% of 64 million youths are unemployed (representing nearly 35 million).

These millions of Nigerian youths are living in limbo; a timeline between childhood and adulthood called “waithood”. In Nigeria, prolonged waithood is becoming the rule rather than the exception. Young men and women who are well into their very late thirties are still living at home and surviving off their parents or relations.

For many, being young in Nigeria today is synonymous with living in involuntary


The Sweat Your Assets Programme (SYAP) is a social development response at improving the wellbeing of youths in Nigeria so they can reach their full potential.  Because youths are a critical indicator of success in the state of any nation; of its politics, economy, social and cultural life, young people in Nigeria cannot be ignored or allowed to wait forever to attain adulthood.

Successful Applicants Receive:

1.       Intensive training on pathways out of waithood

2.       Exclusive access and mentorship from the Young African Initiative (YALI) West Africa alumni

3.      Exposure to national, regional and international opportunities

4.      Support in their initiatives, professional and career development


The Sweat Your Assets Programme is merit-based. Applicants will not be discriminated
against on the basis of race, color, gender, religion or socio-economic status. After the
deadline, all eligible applications will be reviewed by a selection panel. Successful applicants will be notified;

1. Applicant must be between the ages of 20-35

2. Applicant must be resident in the city of selection

3. Applicant must be proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English

4. Applicant must have the ability to work cooperatively in diverse groups and
respect the opinions of others

5. Applicants must be Nigerian

6. Applicants must fill the online application form

This program is guaranteed to increase your professional network and expose you t numerous collaboration opportunities.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Sweat Your Assets Programme


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